Kara and Raul

How We Met

Raul and I met at work, when I was 18. We were friends at first, and developed feelings for one another when I began helping him raise his daughter. He was the best single dad I had ever met. We are exact opposites of each other, which has worked flawlessly!

how they asked

Raul and my mom work at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, in Pleasanton, CA. Traditionally, I take our daughter every weekend to visit and have fun. This is where Raul and I met, as I used to work there too. The day before he proposed, he told me that my mom’s boss (the CEO of the Fair) was going to be presenting my mom with an award and it was very important that I wear something decent for pictures and be at the racetrack at a specific time. Being a woman, I was insanely offended that someone suggested I need to wear nicer clothes… Completely not what was said, but as a woman, that’s what I heard!

The following day my sister and I packed up our car with our kids and made our way to the Fair. I found it very odd that every family member happen to be there that day. Our family visits frequently, and it was the last day of Fair, so I rationalized it with that. I gathered with my family in the Winners Circle on the track, waiting for this ceremony to begin and could not find Raul anywhere. I was quite livid that he was going to be missing my mom’s special moment. Before I knew it, Raul was approaching me with this dorky T-shirt and pulling my hand to follow him.

Image 1 of Kara and Raul

With a fractured foot, dorky shirt, microphone and a large majority of the Bay Area watching, the love of my life got down on one knee.

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