Kara and Philipp

Kara's Proposal in Norderney, Germany

How We Met

We met at The Jeffrey, a bar in Manhattan, for our first date. It was my first-ever blind date, so I asked my roommate to call in an hour and a half and pretend to have locked herself out of the apartment, so that I’d have an out. I ignored my phone as it vibrated and ended up spending seven and a half hours talking with Philipp on that first date. It’s corny but I felt like I’d known him my whole life. On that first date, he told me about Norderney, his haven in the North Sea, close to his hometown in Germany, where he always felt happy and at peace. Before leaving that first date, he’d already asked me for a second one. On the second date, I met P’s Frenchie— Gatsby, and love immediately followed! Soon after, Philipp’s career took him back to Germany, so we prepared for long-distance. Because we knew our time together in New York was limited, we took advantage of every minute. It broke our hearts to be apart, but we made it work, and in the end, realized just how special the bond we’d found really was. When I decided I wanted to take a leap of faith and move to Germany, P booked a celebratory trip to Norderney.

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How They Asked

Philipp planned our Norderney getaway, and we spent a couple of days celebrating the decision and the end of being separated by an ocean and a major time zone difference. Gatsby, Philipp, and I took a walk along the beach that he’d told me about on our first date. As we headed back, the sun started to set and the most amazing man I’ve ever known asked if I’d let him love me this way forever. Gatsby waited anxiously for my YES, and just like that, we made official what we already were— a family of three! It was the best day ever— February 21, 2017, and in three weeks, we are going to say ’I do’ in that same spot.

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