Kara and Noah

Kara's Proposal in Tybee Island, Georgia

How We Met

Noah and I met in August of 2015 when we both began classes to get our EMT licenses. This field was something that he had always been interested in, but I fell into it by accident. My mom had been diagnosed with cancer and I had come home from college to be with her. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and had a family friend suggest EMS. I called the school for information and was talked into signing up that very day to start in a few weeks.

It didn’t take long for me to notice him and develop the HUGEST crush on him. He was very handsome and very quiet- we hadn’t really spoken much, but he would just shoot me these looks in reaction to things that were happening, and we would laugh. I speculated with my friends about whether he had a girlfriend. We started cajoling him into spending his dinner breaks with us. I honestly couldn’t tell whether he liked us or tolerated us, but I loved having him around. We talked and joked and messaged back and forth… BUT I assumed he was way out of my league and didn’t put much thought into it past that.

Fast forward to January 2nd, where we were both at a local bar to celebrate our classmate and friend’s birthday. We had been joking and flirting all night, and we were sitting in a booth area. Our friends were apparently tired of all the nonsense, and started chanting “Kiss him! Kiss him!” At me. I turned towards him and just asked: “Mind if I shut them up?” And kissed him.
We were close together the rest of the night, and then…

Nothing. I didn’t know if it meant anything and he didn’t know if it meant anything, so we kept messaging like nothing much had happened.

A week later, something happened that changed my life. My mom, the person I was the absolute closest to, went into the hospital to have her second brain surgery. I assumed that, like the first one, she would be out and in a private ICU room in a few hours. I was going to spend the night with her so she wouldn’t be alone. However, when her surgery was done we were told there wouldn’t be a room and she would need to be kept in the post-op area for observation. I decided to stay anyway by myself, but as soon as my family left I fell to pieces. I was so scared and so heartbroken. It was about then that Noah texted me wanting to know how everything went. I told him, and as soon as he heard that I was alone in a waiting room, he insisted on driving up to be with me. I told him it was too late, but he wouldn’t have it. He got to the hospital around 2 in the morning, and stayed the rest of the night with me- and we haven’t spent more than a few days apart since then. The next year was a struggle. Mom had a difficult recovery from her surgery, and I wanted to be there as much as possible. He supported me and helped me take care of her, and was with me when she passed. He’s made me laugh when I was sure I never would again. I am beyond lucky to have such an incredible life partner and best friend, and I am so excited to marry the love of my life.

How They Asked

About a month into our relationship, Noah and I were laying in a park, eating girl scout cookies and talking about what to do that evening. He pointed out that we didn’t have anything to do the next day either, and somehow we got it into our heads to drive down to Tybee Island. We booked a room in a cheap motel and made the drive. He somehow convinced me to wake up early enough to watch the sunrise (I am NOT a morning person), and we walked across the street to a little bench swing and watched it. I was tired, but it was beautiful.

One way or another, three years passed. The predisposition for travel became a fundamental part of our relationship, and Noah and I decided to embark on yet another adventure to work a seasonal job in Yellowstone National Park. About a month before we left, he convinced me that we needed another trip to Tybee before we left- we weren’t going to see the coast for a long time, he had PTO from the previous job he needed to spend, etc. I agreed, and we ended up booking the same little hotel. We had an incredible trip, relaxing on the beach, and in the morning before we left, he convinced me to get up and watch the sunrise with him again. We had just bought a new camera for our big trip, so he told me he wanted to take pictures and that I should wear something cute. We woke up at the crack of dawn and got ready, and then walked to the same bench- the beach was mostly empty, so we were by ourselves. We sat down together to watch. The sky was BEAUTIFUL, and we passed the camera back and forth, taking pictures and talking.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Tybee Island, Georgia

He kept asking me “When is the sun going to rise? I can’t wait!” I was so confused- “Noah, the point of watching a sunrise is also to watch the colors leading up to it; we could have slept in if you just wanted to see the sun already in the sky!” But he kept insisting that he “couldn’t wait” for the sun to crest the horizon. Finally, it did, and to be fair, it was beautiful: everything was just washed in golden light. I looked at him and said, “Well, there you go, the sun is up!” And he reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring and said “Good, I couldn’t wait any longer!” Because of who I am as a person, I said “WHAT” first- I couldn’t believe it was actually happening!- and then, of course, “of course!” We took pictures of each other and the ring with our own camera and went out to celebrate with a great breakfast, and later, to walk around River Street in Savannah (Georgia’s most, romantic city, I’m told!).

I am so excited about the wedding, of course, but more importantly, I cannot wait to continue this amazing adventure of a life that we’ve created together.