Kara and Myles

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How We Met

I first met Myles at a classical guitar camp in Missouri when I was 15 and he was 16. Myles’ dad was a teacher at the camp, and Myles just went along for fun. We hit it off right away, and I had the biggest camp crush on him! All week at camp I was trying to find ways to be around him more, even if it meant being a part of activities and classes I didn’t enjoy! I didn’t know Myles was a fantastic violin player himself until the mid-week performance at camp. Seeing him play floored me and I was sold! This guy was so sweet, personable, and actually cared about learning more about me and asking me questions. Myles never made it about himself, which was the first thing that showed me how different he was from other guys. When camp ended we each went our separate ways (him to Nashville, TN and me to Austin TX). We were now 850 miles a part! However, we kept in touch. Myles would call me on my home phone (I didn’t have a cell phone yet!) and we got to see each other about once a month/every few months. We made long distance work!

how they asked

I met up with Myles in Nashville, and from there his family and I caravanned up to Minnesota for July 4th weekend. We were staying at a cabin on a lake that had been in his family for generations. We had talked extensively about getting married at some point, but I had no idea when Myles would actually propose! On July 3rd, Myles asked me informally if I would marry him, and of course I said yes. However, he had no ring and still hadn’t asked my dad for permission! So weeks later, after getting the “all-clear” from my dad, we went on the search for the right ring (you can read about the ring below). Myles and I kept our engagement kind of quiet until I got the ring and a “stereotypical” proposal. I still had no idea what Myles had planned for his special proposal with the ring! In August, Myles took me to a quiet little park near my house. I had grown up going to this park my whole life–it was beautiful and quiet, with a river that flowed through it. On that summer night, Myles took me out to the park and brought along his violin (hmm, suspicious…). When we got to a quiet spot by the river bank, Myles took his violin out of the case and started to sing a song he had written for me. In the song, he asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes (for the second time!). We were thrilled to start our lives together and we got married on May 30th, 2014! We have now been married 3 years and live in Nashville together. We are happy to have that long distance behind us and finally be together. Who knew that boy I met at guitar camp would now be my husband 7 years later!

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