Kara and Matt


How We Met

Matt and I met when we were in the 6th grade at Bullitt Lick Middle School. I always had a crush on him. The first moment I seen him I knew I had to have him. But 11 year old boys ways of flirting is being mean to you. So I chased him and chased him and we would date for a week or so until he broke up with me. That happened throughout middle school and my last year of middle school the Principle informed me that there was going to be a district change and that I would have to go to a high school I never planned on going to with all new people that I didnt know or didn’t grow up with. I was devastated. I wouldn’t get to see anyone anymore, even Matt. It ruined my whole day and left me lost on how I would ever enjoy my high-school years like I thought I would, like everyone else gets too. Summer came and my Dad took me and my family to Disney world. I was having a blast. One day out of the blue Matts little sister messaged me on MySpace and we started talking.

I ended up telling her to have her brother text me. She gave him the wrong number by accident and I waited for a text all day before i finally gave in an texted him asking why he never texted me. He then explained the incident and we laughed it off and texted the rest of the time I was in Disney world. When I got back, we planned to hang out. I was so nervous the first time he was coming over. I remember practicing what I was going to say, trying to look pretty, and trying my hardest to stop sweating . When he pulled up, my heart dropped. We hung out for maybe only an hour before I got grounded for my parents finding a small amount of marijuana in my room, and he had to go home. Before he left I remember asking him “are you going to kiss me bye?” And he did. The rest is just your average teenage love story. From June 28th 2010 and on, I was his.

Football games, movie dates & dinner dates. Making out the whole way home from the fair. Hanging out every single day. To the point our parents had to set certain days we were allowed to hangout because we were spending too much time together they said. Almost 2 years later, when we were only 16 I ended up pregnant with our daughter in 2012. We were scared but thought we knew it all.


After she was born, it seemed we were in love all over again. But after time and lots of diaper changes and cries and bottles, we began to feel the stress. Our relationship began to feel it too. There were times when I questioned us, and wondered if we’d ever make it through this. We did. The older she got the more we adapted to the parent life and figured out how to work with each other . Fast forward to 2015 we found out we were pregnant again, we were honestly sad because we knew we were not financially ready. I guess in his mind after two kids it’s time to put a ring on it and on valentines day February 14th 2015, he proposed to me. I was so happy, i waited so long. That night, something bad started to happen. I started to miscarry our child that we just found out we were pregnant with. I can’t explain how I was feeling, how hard it was and how depressed I was after just having what was suppose to be one of the best days of my life. Breaking the news to everyone on Facebook, at work, family was so hard.

I just wanted to forget it all. I was working on finding a birth control that would be right for me when I ended up pregnant again. This time hiding it until I was 16 weeks pregnant because I didn’t want to go through what I went through again. We ended up getting our first place and things were good I thought, after our son was born we returned home and were a happy little family finally. Until Matt lost his job and we were struggling. We got behind on bills, dug a deep hole we just couldn’t get ourselves out of. We decided the best decision would be to move back with our parents and save up and try again. So here we are, still hanging on. Next time around we plan to do it right and hopefully we can buy a house and stay away from renting. But there’s our roller coaster of a story.  We might not always be perfect, but he’s perfect for me. There is times when I will want to give up. But I couldn’t ever do that. Nobody would invest their time in me like he has and still try. We are working and will continue to work at making it forever. That’s what true love is about after all. Loving each other past the flaws and mistakes and working through it.

how they asked

I got off work and drove to matts mom house to see him and Khloe and of course excited because it was valentines day. I walked through the door to find our daughter Khloe wearing a shirt with the phrase  “momma say yes to Dada” on it and Matt down on one knee telling me how much he loved me and asking me to be his wife.


His lovely sister took these photos of the moment. Of course I said YES! We are waiting to get married when everything can be perfect and we have enough time to plan and make everything perfect. We want our big day to be the best, and its worth waiting for.