Kara and Luke

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How We Met

Luke went to UGA and so did one of my good friends, we met there. Here is how the story goes: My friend who goes to UGA, Nancy invited my best friend (Molly) and I to come down for the Georgia vs Bama game on October 3, 2015. Molly parked her car in the Domino’s parking lot down from Nancy’s dorm and Sunday morning we found out her car had been towed. We had to stay in Athens another night so we could get it Monday morning and found out Pi Kappa Alpha was having a party that night, so we decided to attend. Luke was a Pike so I met him that night and we exchanged numbers and everything else is history…

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how they asked

Luke lives in Chatsworth, Georgia and I live in Dublin, Georgia, which is 3 1/2 hours away from each other. I love visiting Luke because the mountains are just so gorgeous around where he lives and he knows how obsessed I am with them. Since I was visiting him for the weekend he suggested we do something fun Saturday. We planned to visit Rock City because I had heard about how pretty it was but I had never been and it was only 30 minutes away. A huge plus was that our puppy, Sawyer could come along which is a huge plus for me because I don’t go anywhere without him. So, that being said I was sold on going! We woke up Saturday and arrived at Rock City a little after 1 pm. Luke, Sawyer, and I went through 1 of the 3 trails which all lead to Lover’s Leap.

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Eventually, we arrived and I walked up to look off the edge at the all the scenery because they say that you can see 7 states all from the lookout. I turned around from looking for each state and Luke pointed out that Sawyer had a collar on (he did not have one anymore because he kept chewing it earlier in the week).

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I looked down and saw a bright red collar on our puppy so I picked it up to look at it and saw that it had a tag with “Will you marry my daddy?” engraved in it. I was speechless!

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I looked down while holding Sawyer and there Luke was, down on one knee, asking me to marry him with the ring of my dreams in the box. I finally was able to speak and of course said “YES!!!”. After saying yes I looked up and there came my whole family walking down the stairs. They drove the 4 hour drive to Rock City to see me get engaged, this was the best surprise ever and needless to say the best day of my life!!!!!!

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