Kara and Jermaine

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how they asked

On a visit home to Naperville, Jermaine sneakily asked Kara’s dad for his blessing and began to put his plan in motion. Kara studied in Charleston, South Carolina during her school rotation and Jermaine came to visit. They both loved the city and decided to go back for a trip in April 2017. Little to Kara’s knowledge, Jermaine had packed the ring, subtly asked where her favorite spot was, and had her family ready for the call back home. After a rainy Wednesday, the clouds cleared and Jermaine took Kara to her favorite park, White Point Garden. He insisted that he should take ‘one good picture’ before they went to dinner. So while Kara waited for him to find someone in the empty park, he was lucky enough to find a lovely girl and her super cute dog (thanks Molly and Charlie!) and informed her of his plan.

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They came back, Molly held the phone, and Jermaine dropped to one knee. Safe to say, Kara was completely shocked. The woman captured so many amazing pictures as Kara screamed yes in between tears of joy! Immediately after, they were lucky enough to cross paths with a professional photographer that was able to capture a few pictures of her own. After celebrating and sharing the news with family, they enjoyed the rest of their trip as fiancées!

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