Kara and Jacob

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Brown County Indiana

How We Met

My fiancé Jacob and I met through a mutual friend on 08/25/2019. We went out to lunch together and he barely looked at me and I thought that I had definitely been friend-zoned and was so annoyed that this was going to be just another waste of my time. Thankfully I was wrong. On 09/09/2019 after texting every day all day he asked me to be his girlfriend in a hospital parking lot while he was at work (he’s an EMT). We knew by the end of October that we were looking at forever.

How They Asked

In January I flew to North Carolina to meet his family and the day we flew home he took my dad out for dinner and asked for my hand in marriage. We planned for a fun date day on 02/01/20 because we wanted some time just for the two of us.

He took me to the Cheesecake Factory for brunch, to Oliver winery for a tasting and then we went to brown county state park and walked halfway around a lake and at the halfway point he had “ forever and always.” On a sign and my best friend there to take pictures and asked me to marry me. I can’t wait to become his wife this July and start our forever.