Kara and Carvey

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how we met

Kara & Carvey met while they were both on a weekend escape in the Florida Keys. Kara was with her girls, experiencing the keys for the first time. Carvey was enjoying the Florida Keys with some friends. The girls insisted on a stop at The Postcard Inn Tiki Bar for an infamous mudslide before dinner. Carvey & his boys were enjoying cocktails at the tiki bar after a day of boating. Carvey’s good friend Dana approached the girls asking if they were on a bachelorette party. Carvey quickly followed Dana after word of a bachelorette party & sat down in front of, according to him, the “prettiest girl” and they began talking. Carvey & Kara instantly hit it off, began chatting & laughing about the so-called bachelorette party. In true Carvey fashion, to make the party an “official bachelorette party”, Carvey “proposed” to Kara with a piece of caution tape.

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The two groups spent the night having dinner & dancing & celebrating the fake proposal. The next morning, Carvey eagerly texted his mom & said that he had gotten engaged jokingly and Kara exchanged the story with her mother, never knowing what the future would hold. Kara & Carvey decided to meet up the following week for a date at a sushi place in Delray Beach. While having a spicy tuna roll their love started to blossom. Kara & Carvey quickly spent as much time as they could together, going on dates, country concerts, yachting & everything in between. While at a Dierks Bentley concert in July 2015 Carvey & asked Kara to make it official & they started dating. Their love quickly grew, they are not only a couple but, best friends.

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how they asked

Just under two years from the day they met at the Tiki Bar in Islamorada, Kara & Carvey went for a date night at Lauderdale by the Sea for, of course, sushi, however little did Kara know, this was no regular date night. Before their reservation, Carvey brought Kara down to the beach…

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Where he officially proposed on bent knee and asked Kara to be his wife – this time with a gorgeous diamond. And to boot, her best friends were there taking pictures secretly. The couple is set to get married in May 2018 in Ft. Lauderdale Beach.

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