Kara and Anthony

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How We Met

We met at Disney World, and we were both photographers. When I first saw her, I thought she was the most beautiful person I have laid my eyes on. Our first date was at Buffalo Wild Wings (fancy, I know), but she told me she had an interest in someone else, and also didn’t want to date at the time.

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But we got to know each other, and when I moved back to New Orleans, I still kept in contact with her. Fast forward six months (with her previously being in a relationship with someone else), I asked her to be my wedding date for a friend, asked her to be my date for the New Year, and then January 2nd, 2013 asked her to be my girlfriend.

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how they asked

And then fast-forward to our 5 year anniversary, I told my soon-to-be-fiancée that I will be setting up an event featuring many designers and 300 + people will attend. Which means I will not be near my phone for immediate calls/messages. Little did she know, I was setting up for our future. I knew that her sister was in town, so I invited her and her boyfriend to attend. I also invited her friend from a program she did in New York years ago and invited her and her boyfriend to help celebrate. Since we both were photographers, I figured I set up 5 years worth of pictures dangling from the balloons. She knew we had dinner at 7, so I told her I will meet her there. After dinner, I let her know that her “gift” was as another location, and we will drive to the spot.

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At that time, I texted the friends and family to gather in the bathroom since we were on our way to the hotel. I blindfolded her (she just had micro-blading that day, so she told me to be careful of her eyebrows) and we were on our way! We arrived at the room, and at that point, the blindfold was falling off, and she already saw the photographer, so she’s already thinking “What’s going on?” I also heard some noise in the bathroom (later, I found out it was the sister trying to contain her tears) and I knew I had to do everything quickly! I said a few words, got down on one knee, and SHE SAID YES! Afterwards, I told her I had another surprise, knocked on the bathroom door, and out comes her friends and family to congratulate her! It was such a memorable experience, and I cannot wait to get married to the love of my life!

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Special Thanks

Kevin Matosem
 | Photographer
Richard Channel
 | Friend
Rebekah Kroesing
 | Friend