Kara and Andrew

Kara and Andrew's Engagement in camping

How We Met

Andrew and I met the night of my 21st birthday. He was a very good friend of my sister and brother-in-law and came out to help celebrate. I was dating someone else at the time and for the longest time after that thought Andrew couldn’t stand me. It wasn’t until a couple years later at said sister and brother-in-law’s wedding that he gave me a hint of flirting that sparked our relationship. The image shown is the first picture we took the night of our first “date” which involved me sick with a cold and him just making me grilled cheese and cuddling to a movie that wouldn’t load so we just laughed the whole night when it tried to reload every five seconds.

how they asked

The weekend started as planned: we were going camping regardless of the weather said because we paid for it and had food and everything already bought. So, we packed the car up Friday, August 19th, and set out on an adventure. Not more than 30mins into our trip did we hit a traffic jam. I’m talking cars are stopped, zero movement, no exits to escape on kind of traffic jam. However, we made the best of that, jammed out to music and didn’t let our excitement die during the half hour we were trapped before cars starting moving again. The adventure continues smoothly with no more issues until we arrived to our campsite. We managed to get there before any rain hit, however all the firewood was wet from the rain prior to us getting there. No worries, we will find a way to dry it out! We’ve got this.

So, get everything unpacked and get our tent set up, mattress blown up, and our rain shelter put together. Time to relax and cuddle!!……..Issue #1. The two person tent is clearly made for two people who are not 6ft and taller. We try to make the best of it and find the positives, but Andrew’s feet and head are touching both ends of the tent no matter how we lay (hahah). Time for adventure #2!! Drive an hour to the closest store to get a new tent. By now the rain is starting to roll in. Awesome.

So, we get in the car (at like 10:00p.m. mind you) to start the voyage for a new, bigger tent. The car ride is spent belting songs at the top of our lungs, laughing, holding hands, and finding the silver lining to the day. We make it to the store, find a bigger tent, and BONUS!! My old fleece has $35 in the pocket gifted from past life Kara to put towards the tent!! Yay!! Now it’s time to get back to camp and set this bad boy up. Finally, everything is perfect and good to go around 1:00a.m. The rain stopped, and we were able to relax by the fire with a couple drinks until we decided to turn in for the night in our brand new tent big enough for our giant selves. Saturday morning: Ok, it rained through the night, everything outside is wet, there’s puddles every where, and we’re out of fire wood. But that’s ok because it currently wasn’t raining and the love of my life was cooking us eggs and sausages on the grill. Perfect start to the day. We even managed to make it to the lake around lunch time before the rain hit, again. No worries, I am a cuddle monster and didn’t mind hiding in the tent and listening to the rain while dozing off for a couple hours. The rest of the day was spent singing and dancing to Pandora on max volume, cooking food, and enjoying some adult beverages. Despite the rain, Andrew was determined to make sure that I had a good time. When the rain picked up, we took the party to his car until it would die down and pass the time taking goofy pictures and talking about life. We turned in early that night prepared to wake up early and enjoy the ONE nice day predicted for the weekend. 4:30a.m. Me: WAKE UP!! IT’S NOT RAINING!! COME ON LETS ENJOY THIS DAY!!!!! Andrew: shhh….sleepy time. *falls back asleep* 6:15a.m. Me: OK NOW IT’S LIKE 6:30 LETS GET UP THE SUN IS OUT I CAN SEE BLUE SKIES!!!!! Andrew: 15 more minutes… *falls back asleep* 8:00a.m. : We are FINALLY up for the day, and it is gorgeous out!! We eat breakfast and decide to go enjoy the nice weather and walk some trails. Once we got back, we packed up all our stuff and set out to find some of the waterfalls the park had. Adventure #3!! Car is packed, GPS is out, we are on our way…..or so we thought. Whilst following the map from the park, and our GPS, we kept running into private roads and gated off sections EXACTLY where we needed to go to get to the waterfall. No worries. New plan. Off to the rapids! The sun is still shining, it’s still a gorgeous day, and I am laughing with my love, nothing to complain about. So we get to the rapids and our inner children INSTANTLY come out. We are climbing on the rocks, ducking under trees, etc., just having fun, holding hands, and enjoying the day. Towards the end of our adventure, I got busy taking pictures and Andrew called me over to rocks he was on to take a picture with him. Afterwards, he pulled me into his arms and asked if we could always go on adventures together, to which I replied “of course babe, why wouldn’t we?” He asks again, “but forever? Promise we can forever do things like this and always have fun?” and I replied “yes babe we can you know I love this stuff!” to which he now goes “well in that case, *gets down on one knee* kara [insert full name], will you marry me?” to which I obviously said, “yes,” and then proceeded to laugh and cry and smile and cry more. The drive home was filled with phone calls to family and friends telling them the exciting news—which they already knew. Turns out he told everyone the week before and they were waiting for my call of excitement. When we got home, the night ended with champagne and celebrating with loved ones. And that’s the story of our engagement.

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