Kara and Adam


How We Met

Kara and I met December 18th, 2014 at a local brewpub called John Harvard’s Brewery & Alehouse in Framingham, MA. Kara was in a group project with my best friend, Mike. I had spent most of the day studying or preparing for various final group projects for the last semester of my senior year in college.

I texted Mike asking him (more like begging him) to see if he wanted to meet up and grab a beer. Mike informed me that he was going to John Harvard’s with his project group to celebrate the end of their project and that I was welcome to tag along. I had met one of his group members many times in passing at Framingham State, but I had NEVER crossed paths with Kara even once.

So, I went out to meet with Mike, his partner Joe, and his ‘mysterious’ third group member. I walked in and found Joe and this girl standing by the host stand waiting to be seated. I shook hands with Joe and said hello, who then introduced me to Kara. I remember immediately saying to myself, “Wow, she’s pretty” as I shook her hand and introduced myself.

We sat at a table, Kara and I across from each other, and began our evening. Conversation flowed extremely well and easily for Kara and I as the night went on. We found ourselves opening up about our faith in Jesus (something I wouldn’t normally do on a first meeting, but hey this girl was special) and our interests outside of our field in psychology.


I had brought my notebook to study for the final I had the next day and Kara decided to help me study. It was a final for a class called ‘Sensation & Perception’ and I was learning about the differences between active touch (touching something) and passive touch (being touched).

Kara decided to show me what passive touch was – by placing her finger on my nose! By this point, she already had at least a finger or two on my heart as I continued to get to know this girl.

From there, we went to a local bar/dance club with Mike, Joe, and other friends from college. We spent the rest of the night chatting, dancing, and ended with me getting her phone number.

My friends made fun of me all night for not walking her to her car, but I wanted to play it cool. Later that night, I sent her a txt saying ‘It’s your favorite ginger!’ and we chatted for a few minutes before going to bed.

The next day was her final group project presentation and my last final exam (for Sensation & Perception, I was a master at passive touch now). I blitzed through my exam because I knew she was on the floor below me and I didn’t want to miss my opportunity to see her again and support her (and Mike’s) group project.

After finishing my exam rather quickly (got a 95%), I quickly went downstairs to see this girl that had caught my eye the night before. Then I saw her wearing a beautiful red dress, standing by her poster… I was done for. She had me.

Later on she realized she needed something printed and I leaped at the opportunity to help, by running across campus to a printer lab and then running back. I asked her to see a movie with me after the poster session was over, but she was unable to do it.

By Sunday night, we admitted our interest in each other and stayed up until 6am talking on the phone. The rest is history!

how they asked

Kara had always told me that she loved how proposals were done in Texas (she went to school there for a year in college). She loved that there was a small gathering with family or friends directly afterwards.

Challenge Accepted.

Kara and I attended a church service that morning (I play drums for the worship team at our church, so I had just played 2 services) and we had a plan to get lunch with my friend Mike (not the same one from the project group) and his girlfriend Tina.

We met Mike and Tina at my parent’s house and then drove up to Nashua, NH to go to Smokey Bone’s (Kara’s new favorite restaurant). We had a nice, big lunch and discussed where we wanted to go afterwards.

It was agreed upon that we would go to Great Brook State Park in Carlisle, my favorite childhood nature retreat that was walking distance from my house (I planned ahead for the conversation to take this turn. Mike and Tina were both on to my plan).

We then drove back to my area and parked in the driveway of the state park. Mike and Tina asked where the bathroom was (planned, we needed to be alone) and I showed them where they should go. Kara and I then started to walk towards the water and I began to quote Scripture on marriage and the importance of the man leaving his mother and father to be bonded with a woman for life.

I told Kara as we walked under a shaded spot that I needed to confess to her that I had been lying to her for weeks on how I was spending my time, that I had been planning something special. Most importantly, I said ‘This isn’t a double date’ as I led her to a be flowered trellis standing in the middle of an open area of grass near the pond.


Softly in the background was the soundtrack to the 2005 edition of ‘Pride & Prejudice,’ which is Kara’s favorite album to listen to when she needed some peace. I led Kara over to the trellis, got on one knee, and said:



“Kara, I love you more than I love myself. You have been such a blessing to me…and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life thanking you for that. Kara Kuhtreiber, will you marry me?”

To which she responded,

“YES! Of course! YASSSSSS” (She promised me she would say ‘yass’ if I proposed).


Kara and I shared a moment under the trellis before I called her attention to a family friend of mine, Michael Cunningham, who had been photographing us the entire time. Michael then led us around the grounds to take some engagement shots.


After completing the photos, Michael said his goodbyes and left us. Kara asked if Mike and Tina knew what was up and I confirmed that they did know. Kara and I then walked up to the area where I told them to go for the bathroom. As we walked to the barn area, I looked at Kara and said,

“I have one more confession to make, there’s still something left to this special day.”

As we turned the corner, standing in the barn area were my parents, Kara’s parents, and a bunch of our friends cheering us on as we walked up the path.


The barn area was decorated by our parents, along with food they had prepared for everyone to share a meal together.



Kara and I were able to spend time with our friends and family to celebrate our engagement over food and good conversation, on an unexpectedly warm October afternoon



Special Thanks

Michael Cunningham | 
Engagement Photography
Alexsandra Wiciel
Ring Detail photo