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How We Met

In August 2015, I began leading a high school life group at Fellowship Church in Knoxville, TN. The first event of the year for the ministry was a life group kickoff event where all the life groups gathered together. Of course I was running late and thankfully so was Kara. We were walking in at the same time and introduced ourselves to each other and started walking towards the high school room. It wasn’t a love at first sight moment or anything. I obviously thought she was gorgeous (how could you not), but was way too itimidated to talk to her any longer.

So that was our relationship for the next six months. We would talk occasionally at church events but nothing else. Through those small interactions and by just seeing her every Sunday, I began to develop a very large crush on her but considered her to be way out of my league so I didn’t even want to try. Once January rolled around I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I was talking about her to everyone like she was one of my best friends, and telling people all about her. I was a total creep and would stalk her Instagram and Facebook multiple times a day. I just had to attempt to ask her out. In late January we had a church retreat with the high school ministry and I made it my mission that I was going to talk to her on Friday night and ask her out after we got back on Sunday.

When I got there Friday night I was a nervous wreck. No girl had ever made me this nervous before so I was freaking out. I talked myself out of talking to her and had essentially decided to give up on her in general, just because I was scared. All of a sudden, she sought me out and started telling me how she had met a friend of mine and about how they had talked all about me. That gave me all the confidence in the world. That weekend we talked a couple other times, but I never had the right opportunity to ask her out. I kept putting it off until Wednesday of the following week, when I got her number from a mutual friend and called her. I could tell that when I asked she wasn’t sure about it, but agreed to have coffee with me the next day. We met at coffee at 3:30 that afternoon and instantly hit it off. We talked until 7:00 when the coffee shop closed. As we were walking to our cars, I asked her if she would want to go on another date with me sometime and she agreed! Over the next few weeks and few dates we both knew that we wanted this to last forever. Three weeks after our first date I told her that I loved her and wanted to marry her. She responded with the same feelings and the rest is history!

how they asked

Every year Kara’s family goes on vacation to Lake Blue Ridge in Georgia. Last summer they invited me to tag along with them. They had told me the place that they stay at is nice, but words honestly can’t describe the setting or the house. It is as close to heaven as we can get while on this Earth. That summer I had already began thinking about how I was going to propose to her, even though I knew that it would likely still be a year before that could happen. The moment I saw it, I knew that it was the place that I had to propose. She had told me multiple times how it was her favorite place on Earth and how it had so many special memories attached to it. So for a year I kept that to my self. I finally decided around in December of 2016 that I was going to propose for sure when we went to the lake the coming summer. Her parents knew a proposal was coming, but I waited until I had the money to buy a ring and asked for their permission in March. I spent the next few months organizing every detail of the engagement. I had to make it perfect. I spent hours texting her friends, my friends, and our families and making sure I picked a date that worked so everyone would be there to celebrate with us. I received help from many of our friends and family members, and there is no way that I could have pulled this off without their help.

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