Kaowao and Caleb

how we met

We met the day after I graduated from college. My car was broken, Caleb was working at a car shop at the time, it was absolutely accidental. After bringing my car in several times that week, Caleb worked up the courage to ask me to dinner. We hit it off right away as if we had already known each other for years. -Kaowao

how they asked

Caleb planned everything all on his own, and with help from a few good friends, he surprised me! It was his birthday weekend, which was perfect timing to do everything he wanted, including waking up at 5AM to go off-shore fishing. I knew nothing about fishing (still don’t) and have absolutely no sense of direction when we go out on the boat. The sun was coming up and it felt like it took us almost an hour to get a little beach island in front of the folly lighthouse that we loved. He and our friends said that we were just making a quick stop being going fishing. It was quiet and simply beautiful. We took a nice walk on the beach and he proposed!! He was so nervous, but it was amazing. His best friend got a video and you could see the lighthouse in the background!

Special Thanks

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