Kansas and Cullen

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How They Asked

I’m impossible to surprise. I notice everything. But in front of our dearest friends and most importantly, my four step-children, Cullen gave me the surprise of a lifetime.

We have taken a family photo every summer together, and it was like any other day — hectic. Try having 4 kids (all under 14) smile at the same time, in 95-degree heat, without them getting dirty and sandy on the beach. To say the least, I was completely occupied and all over the place. After family photos, Cullen and I went to take our normal, yet cheesy, beautiful kissing photos, when he stepped on a shell… or so I thought. I told him to “step back then”( I know, very considerate of me – but at that point I wanted this day to be over. I was sweating), and then he started kneeling.

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My first words were… **WTF** And anyone that knows me, cuss words are a good thing;).

I cried, for a solid minute, before saying YES!