Kansas and Brandon

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How We Met

I found a baseball hat in my friends car, I asked whos it was and thats when it all started. I took a picture with this “mystery mans” hat and found his number through a friend. I couldn’t stop giggling when I texted him “should i wear this on our first date?”. He quickly replied “For sure”. It was all supposed to be a joke but 2 short weeks later we both drove 4 hours to meet each other in person. It turns out the hat was his dads who lost his battle to cancer 3 weeks after we started texting. I was able to meet his dad before he passed away. To say the least It was a total God thing that his dads hat was there… that hat brought us together at the perfect time.

how they asked

We took a trip to Vegas for my birthday with my parents and a few friends. It was our last night there and after seeing my favorite magician, we went to go the famous Belligo Water show. I was busy talking to a group of strangers about how great is it to be from Texas to notice everyone getting their cameras ready. Brandon asked if we could take a picture right as the show was starting. I wrapped my arm around him and smiled toward the camera. Brandon was staring at me and I said “honey, look at the camera”… He started wispering in my ear and thats what I thought “hes joking, no way this is happening”. He nelt on one knee and the water show started (from the fountains ans my eyes). He said “Kansas will you marry me?”. I was shocked! I screamed “YES” and attacked him with hugs and kisses.

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My mom and stepdad came to congratulate us and inform me that Brandon asked my dad, my 7 year old brother, and my 14 year old sister for their blessings. I started crying again, how did I get so lucky i kept asking. We went to a nice dinner to celebrate and I couldn’t stop staring at my ring! I’m still speechless!

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