Kanika and Keaton

How We Met

Keaton and I met in college when we were on a date that (at the time) I didn’t know was a date. 3 weeks after that “date” Keaton told me he would marry me one day. I told him that only a psycho says that to someone they have known for less than a month. 4 years later we are living the dream in Chicago with 2 dogs.

How They Asked

Keaton works weekends so we do a special date night once a week. Date night can be anything from a picnic, dive bar drinks, to a fancy restaurant. With my family being in town we had to skip date night which rarely happens. I was supposed to go to my parents’house to spend the night with them and celebrate my dad’s birthday the next day. When they called me around noon to say that they had plans to celebrate his birthday with their friends so they would just see me the next day I plopped myself down on my couch ordered a pizza and began my day of binging Queer Eye. Around 3 pm, Keaton called me to say that since we had to skip last week’s date night we should do a special one that night and that I should meet him at work at 4 pm and we can walk to the restaurant together.

He made it a point to say that it was a nice restaurant but since it was fancy date night and he wears suits to work, I thought nothing of it. I put on a dress and my comfiest heels (since Keaton said we would be walking). I get to his job and we begin our walk to the “restaurant” along the park. I’m chatting his ear off about how we had one of our 2nd or 3rd dates at the Zoo by there and my favorite childhood memories are there and how we should plan a date to go back soon.

I even mentioned how my favorite view from the city was up ahead on the bridge and asked him if we could stop. He said we could if we had time before the reservation. About 10 mins later we turn onto the bridge and I see a couple of people taking beautiful pictures and asked Keaton if we could get one. He jokingly kept saying I should look for “Chance the Snapper” the famous Chicago Alligator while he looked for someone to take a picture of us.

Before I knew it the guitarist who we watch play at a local bar- who helped up discover our song – pops up behind Keaton and I exclaimed, “Is that Jared” as he began playing Chasing Cars. I saw Keaton get down on one knee and completely lost it. I don’t remember much of what he said but I remember seeing my cousin and a photographer and thinking of amazing it was that he managed to keep this a surprise. We walked around for an hour with the photographer and recreated our graduation pics with our new favorite memory. Shortly after we went to a bar that we went to frequently when we moved back to the city and all of our family and close friends were there to help us celebrate.

I could not have asked for a more incredible, perfect man and proposal.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Aksheta Sidhu
 | Planning
 | Music
 | Photographer