Kandace and Chase

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How We Met

We met through Dalton State College. Even though we are both from the same area I am older than Chase, so I never knew of him until we started going to Dalton State together. Chase played golf, and I cheered, so we were both on the athletics page, and that is the first time I had seen him. We did the small talk on Facebook, that lead to texting, that lead to us hanging out a couple months later. I wasn’t so interested at first, and then when I became interested my stubborn now fiance wanted to play hard to get. There were some rumors that were started at first, and I remember the day so vividly. Chase texted me and told me that we should just be friends, because he didn’t want in a relationship and so forth. And my reply back to him was “We weren’t friends before this so how about you just don’t talk anymore?” He still wanted to text and be friends, and I wasn’t having it. He BROKE my heart. So, we didn’t talk for 5 days, and then he starts texting me again. About 3 months of talking he finally asks me to be his girlfriend. 3 months later we are in love. And a little over 3 years of dating we are engaged! :)

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how they asked

It was just a regular Tuesday– at least that is what I thought. Chase told me the week before not to plan anything, because we were spending the day together. Which wasn’t usual because he does surprises like that from time to time. He came over to the house to pick me up, and it was so ugly outside with a constant rain that I told him lets just not go anywhere. He persisted that we go and went ahead and told me we were going to Gatlinburg and staying at The Christmas Inn (my FAVORITE place), so I am down to go! I told Chase to pack my bags for me and he picked the dress I wear to match his clothes.

3 HOURS LATER we have made it to Gatlinburg and yes, it is still raining. He told me that I had 2 hours to get ready for dinner at the Melting Pot (again one of my favorite places). Chase then tells me that we have to go to Cade’s Cove for a picture, I’m like “NO BABE IT IS RAINING!” Lets just say this: the rain almost ruined a lot that day. He convinces me to go, and I felt kind of stupid to be wearing a dress and heels to Cade’s Cove. No, I felt real stupid. But whatever. We pull in Cade’s Cove and this sounds like a lie, but it isn’t. The rain quit, and blue skies were coming in. There were SO many cars. Chase finally pulls off the road, and tells me here is the spot. With a piggy back ride we are standing in the field, chase takes our picture, then replies with “Kandace, look a bear!”

I halfway turn around, because I knew he was lying, and I turn back around with him on his knee and he goes “Kandace Voyles will you marry me?” I reply with a yes and a smile on my face, and his reply was “YOU PROMISE?” Haha he was so nervous. Then I hear click, click, click, and notice his friend in the trees taking pictures. It was the absolute best day of my life, and the first time I have ever seen Chase lost at words.

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