Kandace and Amon

How We Met: Amon and I orbited around one another for many years before finally colliding in Computer Applications class our sophomore year at Kempner High School in Sugar Land, TX. The two of us spent the entire class singing “Mockingbird” from Dumb & Dumber across the room to our good friend, Brent Dobo after Coach Schwartz separated our trio for being disruptive.

Image 1 of Kandace and Amon

Fortunately, he only moved Brent one row over and left Amon and I to goof off together. Our friendship was immediate; both shared a wicked sense of humor and mad love for Panda Garden’s Chinese food. They always say you should marry your best friend and the two of us have been inseparable for fifteen years. Since we met in 2000, the two us have been on many adventures together from Enchanted Rock to Las Vegas and hope to spend the rest of our lives going on more

how they asked: On Friday, February 20, 2015, Amon and Kandace began their climb to the top of Enchanted Rock. It was a very blustery morning, but after the two entered the park, the sun began to shine and the wind settled. Initially, their hike began with some confusion because they entered the park at the incorrect trail. The two trekked through some tumultuous terrain until they finally found the path that would lead Kandace to her very own “enchanted rock.”

Image 2 of Kandace and Amon

Unfortunately during the hike they didn’t see much wildlife–Kandace loves her woodland critters–but Amon was constantly stopping to take pictures of the landforms and geological beauty that is Enchanted Rock. About halfway up the rock, the two saw an older couple ascending to the top by climbing a steeper part of the rock. Amon suggested that they try climbing and against her better judgement, Kandace agreed (she hates heights).

After making it about halfway, she had a bit of a breakdown and poor Amon had to patiently encourage her to just keep climbing because there was no going back. When the two made it to the top, they found a spot they will forever call their “donut” where they sat and chatted for a bit. As they were admiring the beauty of the hill country, Amon started to dig into his pack for the ring box.

Image 3 of Kandace and Amon

It was a nervous and adorable proposal and after Amon asked the two took a took a ton of pictures together and of the ring–she loves it! Sapphire is Amon’s birthstone and it was very important to Kandace that she got an antique or ethically mined diamond. The art deco style fits her perfectly and Amon did a fabulous job of finding the right rock and the right girl!

Image 4 of Kandace and Amon