Kana and Jonathan

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How We Met

We met on our first day of college at Soka University of America in Aliso Viejo, California. Before coming, I was so determined to stay single for my four years in college… but that changed within a week after meeting him. We lived in the same dorm, was always bumping into each other, and those moments eventually turned into long conversations that allowed us to get to know each other more. We realized we had feelings for each other (although I was in denial) and the story started to unfold from there after the first week of college orientation. By the middle of Sophomore year, we were talking about marriage and I was so excited to start planning our future together because we both knew we were meant to be.

how they asked

He proposed to me during one night after I finished my last final exam for my fall semester of Junior year. He asked to me to take a walk around campus (like he did when we first met), and brought me to where our school has a beautiful fountain. We sat on a bench where we did during freshman year when we were talking things out and figuring out where this relationship was going. As we were talking about how our lives are going to be, how busy its going to get trying to build a life together as students and supporting him through medical school – just taking a moment for ourselves after we were finally finished with finals…. he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him! And ofcourse, I said yes! We actually got married last year (June 2015) but with only our immediate families present, so we are having another celebration with all of our closest friends and families this coming May!

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Special Thanks

Alanna Milaney
 | Photographer