Kamryn and Zack

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How We Met

Zack and I met on the very first day of high school in Biology class way back in August of 2010. He was a shy, brown eyed boy with braces and cargo shorts, and I was newly fourteen and ready to be in the big, bad world of high school. We were officially introduced through a sweet mutual friend, who later became my freshman roommate at Texas A&M. Through the years we had several classes together but it wasn’t until senior year when we had two classes and lunch together when we became best friends.

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I would always look forward to seeing him in class so I could tell him all about my day, and he would always listen patiently no matter how dramatic the story. As of that summer, we had always hung out within our group of mutual friends until one July afternoon in 2014 when I asked him to hang out just the two of us. We have been inseparable ever since!!

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Then, he finally asked me to be his girlfriend in a Whataburger parking lot on August 17th, 2014. We continued our relationship into college as we both attended Texas A&M, and here we are three years later with so many sweet memories created over the years.

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how they asked

Zack did an absolutely AMAZING job of intricately planning the proposal AND completely surprising me!! He had told me this whole elaborate story about how a friend of his was going to propose to his girlfriend, and we were going to go be a part of it. So I had no suspicions when he told me to wear a cute outfit to the event! The plan was to pick me up from his sister’s house at 6pm dressed and ready so that we could be on campus to “set up for the proposal” at 6:30.

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All was going to what I thought the timeline was supposed to be, and I even said “Too bad it’s not my turn” with a sly smile as we were walking up (jokes on me!). Mind you, it is a Texas A&M tradition for a guy in the corps to propose with a full saber arch under the famous Century Tree, so that is where we were headed!

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As we got closer Zack, with a huge grin on his face, said “Do you see anyone you know?”. That’s when I realized that he had invited all our friends and both of our families out, and thus I figured out that it was actually MY proposal I was walking in to. Zack led me down a trail of rose petals under the saber arch to a bench under the Century Tree where he got down on one knee.

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He ever so sweetly said, “Kamryn, You know how much I love you. Will you marry me?”, and I have never said a faster “yes”!! To top it off, he invited a friend of ours that is a professional photographer to capture the entire moment as well as take some sweet pictures of us!

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After we hugged all of our people, he had set up a dinner for everyone to celebrate afterwards! He really thought of everything, and I cannot wait to be this sweet man’s wife!

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Special Thanks

Ashlen Lee
 | Photographer