Kamryn and Kirby

How We Met

Kirby and I met in the 7th grade. He was the “cool, good-looking”, 8th-grade boy that my best friend had a crush on. Little did she know, I secretly had a crush on him too. However, I was too shy to go after him first, so I let her get to him. They were “boyfriend and girlfriend” for a few weeks until the typical middle school breakup came along. I broke all girl code here… and I slept in! Turns out Kirby wasn’t opposed to me being his girlfriend. We “dated” for about 9 months in middle school and until I was in 8th grade and he was in high school. As you can expect, the middle school love was not serious and we fizzled apart when I got into high school. He had another girlfriend on and off for about a year. We remained friends and I always had that secret crush on him. But, I respected him having another girlfriend and kept my distance. Things didn’t work out between him and his girlfriend and I made sure to let him see that I really cared about him and was always there for him during the rough times.

About a year after their breakup, we started talking about us becoming more than friends. I was very nervous about having a boyfriend and I was just overall really shy. It took me about 2 months to officially decide that I was ready for a relationship, which was my junior year of high school and his senior year. Little did I know, this would be the best decision I’ve ever made. We dated for almost 3 years when we seriously started talking about a future together. I thought for our 3 year anniversary it would be fun to have my friend take professional pictures for us. So I scheduled it and they ended up being about a month and a half before our 3 year anniversary.

how they asked

I dropped a few hints leading up to the photo shoot about how it would be perfect opportunity to propose, but he told me I was crazy and that he wasn’t quite financially ready for that step yet. So I went along with it and got myself all prepared for the photo shoot. The day of the photo shoot I hadn’t been able to talk to him too much because he was busy “working on trucks with his friend.” I was a bit stressed out that we would be late for the shoot, but he ended up being ready in time. Little did I know, he was running behind because he was setting up our proposal! We got to the shoot and took some “before” pictures that turned out absolutely beautiful.

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Our photographer talked about how we had a little more time than the other sessions because of people canceling and that she had mapped out many places on the tree farm for us to take pictures. About 15 minutes into the photo shoot, we moved along to another place to take more pictures. This was when Emilee let Kirby lead the way up to this cute little fall set up. I was oblivious and thought that she had set it up for all her clients that night. However, when we got to the little decorations, Kirby took my hands and started talking about how much he has loved our relationship. That’s when it clicked, “oh my dear goodness this is a proposal!” Kirby talked to me about how I was his best friend and how he wanted to spend forever with me. When he started to tear up, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. This was the easiest “YES” ever!!! It has been a long 7 years in the making, but here is to our forever!

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