Kamille and Brian

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How We Met

Our love story began in January of 2018. I was out with my friends watching the NFL wild-card game between the Falcons and Rams. I’m an Atlanta Falcons fan so clearly I was into watching the game at the bar. I notice a cute guy in the corner of my eye but don’t think much of it. At that point in my life, I was done with any type of relationship so seeing a cute guy didn’t go any further than just that. Back to the game. The Falcons win! My friends and I decided to hop over to a different bar to celebrate. I enter the bar and I immediately see the cute guy I saw at the first bar.

He yells at me “Screw the Falcons!” Little did he know, that was the perfect way for him to grab my attention. I might be little but I’m a fireball. We start arguing about football because he’s an Eagles fan… who the Falcons we’re going to play since they won the wildcard game!

That’s why he was at the first bar, to scope out who his team would be playing. The conversation turns into an in-depth conversation. YES, at a bar of all places. He offers to drive my friends and me home at the end of the night. We exchange numbers outside my friend’s apartment. He sent me the sweetest text when he got home after dropping us off. Fast forward through the week, our first date is at the Eagles vs Falcons playoff game in Philadelphia. We were inseparable ever since. Despite the fact that my team lost and the Eagles go on to win their first EVER Super Bowl, I won in the end by having him as my forever.

How They Asked

I was out to dinner with my dad, he was visiting from Oregon. He was acting odd but I didn’t look too deep into it. We leave the restaurant and he wants to shop around, which he NEVER wants to do. I agree because spending time with him is always a good idea. We head home and I enter the living room where all the blinds on the windows are closed, mind you, it’s still light outside. My boyfriend, mom, dogs, were nowhere in sight.

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All of a sudden, “A Whole New World” from Aladdin starts to play from the backyard. I immediately start saying “No, NO, NO” because I knew. My dad gave me a smile and moved so I could enter the backyard. I immediately start crying as I walk out the back door. My family, best friend, (and a random photographer guy) are standing there.

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I see a red carpet, rose petals, candles, pictures of my boyfriend and me, and a beautiful Disneyland Firework backdrop. Then, I see my boyfriend waiting eagerly for me to walk the red carpet. I’m bawling at this point. My corgi greets me as I walk down. It was simply magical. I couldn’t have pictured it going any better. He dropped down on one knee and asked me if I’d marry him. Hesitantly, I asked if he was serious but of course, I said YES!

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