Kamera and Alan

How We Met

After a long week of working at the hospital, my friends and I decided to head to an event being held at the local Downtown Market. It was a group of couples.. then me and at the time this stranger boy that I had no idea would be my future husband. We didn’t really talk most the night, we sat at opposite ends of the table at dinner, and let’s be honest I was incredibly nervous to talk to this Iowan boy who moved to Grand Rapids to begin his training to become a surgeon. By the end of the night, he had asked me dance and that’s when he stole my heart.

how they asked

We made kind of last minute plans to have a date night, just us two on a Friday night. We had been really busy the past few weeks with work, and other fun stuff so I was so incredibly excited to have a date night. We agreed to go to our favorite taco place, Donkey Taqueria. Where we also went on our first actual date. We ordered our favorite margarita and tacos.. and then he offered the idea to go to walk around Reeds Lake.

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It was a beautiful sunny 80 degree I was so excited to continue our date night at the gorgeous lake. Before I knew it, we were out on the walkway and he was down on one knee asking me if I would marry him. I had never been so happy in my life. My prayers as a little girl have been answered. I get to spend my life with the most selfless guy I had ever met.

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I can’t forget to mention the photographer hiding in the bushes, and the party afterward that consisted of 40 of our closest family and friends. I GET TO MARRY THE MAN OF MY DREAMS!

Special Thanks

Kamera Daniel
 | Photographer