Kamelia and Jacob

Kamelia's Proposal in Kandima Maldives

How We Met

I met Kamelia in May 2016, a few months after moving into my beach house in La Jolla, California. She happened to be living just 1 block away and was always out walking her cute little dog, Rascal, along my street. One day we started talking as I was on a walk with my daughter. Our first date was on May 5th, also known as the holiday Cinco de Mayo. A month later we booked our first trip together; a week in Turks & Caicos. Kamelia is amazing at finding travel deals, so we were able to go for a very reasonable price. I was amazed at how she was able to pull it off. On this trip, she decided to launch her travel blog, The Hackerette, where she teaches others how to travel the world on a budget they can afford. We’ve been traveling the world together ever since.

how they asked

Fast forward to 2 years later. Kamelia’s blog and the Instagram page had really taken off. She was contacted by a resort called Kandima Maldives, to attend an Instagrammers Weekend, which happened to be taking place on May 4th-6th. Our 2 year anniversary was May 5th so she asked me to join her, and of course, I sad yes. We’d been talking about visiting The Maldives for awhile and she was excited to finally check this one off of her Bucket List. I knew this was the perfect opportunity to propose to her in paradise.

The travel time to the Maldives was more than 35 hours long. We were exhausted but forgot all about it once we woke up to the idyllic views that awaited us just outside our villa.

Kamelia and Jacob's Engagement in Kandima Maldives

Kamelia was very busy working on creating content for the resort, which gave me time to connect with the staff. The staff truly treated us like family and were so helpful in making sure everything was perfect. We started the planning, but there was just one problem. You see, Kamelia is a very smart girl and she’s very hard to fool. She senses everything and always knows when something isn’t quite right. We had to be very careful so that she wouldn’t find out.

The staff at Kandima worked tirelessly all night to carefully place coconuts on the beach to spell out the message, “Will you marry me?” Her ring was hiding inside one of the coconuts. The team made sure that the beach would be clear from 9am-12pm that day, so we had a short window to capture the moment.

That morning as we got ready to go to breakfast, I told Kamelia to put on a cute dress so that we could get some photos at the “secret beach”. “What secret beach?’ she asked skeptically. “There’s a secret beach that the staff told me about, but it’s only there until 10 am because the tide will roll in. We’ll go after breakfast, and I’ll show you.” I told her. She bought it.

After breakfast, I gave the nod to the staff and we were ready to go. We had 2 drones in the sky flying above and a photographer hiding behind the palm trees.

As we walked along the ocean to the pretend “secret beach’, Kamelia noticed the coconuts sitting on the sand, but she still didn’t know what it was. “What does that say over there?” I asked her. She read it, and said, “Oh how cute, someone is getting engaged!” She had no idea it was all for her. Right then, I opened up the marked coconut and pulled out her ring. She finally realized it was for her and immediately burst into tears of joy.

I dropped down on one knee and slid the ring on her finger and said, “Will you marry me, babe? You are my love forever.” Of course, she said yes, and the team rushed out of hiding to congratulate us on our new engagement.

Special Thanks

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