Kamearah and Austin

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How We Met

Technically we met when he was 4 and I was 3. We went to the same church and our parents were friends, we had play dates, we have all these memories but the older we got we forgot we knew each other. Flash forward about 10 or 11 years, my freshman year of high school I was going to a football game with my best friend and he was going with his (who happened to be siblings). And it happened. We met. We saw each other and he told his friend “he was going to date her”. I accidentally texted him when trying to text someone else. I didn’t have his number, I didn’t even really know who he was. But something about him was captivating. Little did I know that one mistake was going to change every single thing about my life at that time. We started dating and the rest is history. He was my prom date, first car date, my first love, and my high school sweetheart. It was like this whole time the universe was working to bring us together because we were going to be something great.

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how they asked

We went to Nashville for the Jack Daniels Music City New Year’s Eve outdoor concert with a couple friends. We were in our hotel room when all of a sudden I realized my promise ring was not where it should be. It wasn’t on my finger and it was not anywhere in sight. I was totally flipping out and he was real relaxed about it which was weird. But we got dresses and got ready to walk to the concert. He acted strange all night but I tried not to pay attention to it too much. We got to the concert and he would t let me stick my hands in his pocket or lean against him so I started to get worried because I thought this is it. He’s either breaking up with me or he’s going to ask me to marry him. Keith urban came on finally and finally the final seconds of 2016 started to count down. I turned so I could kiss him and we had a New Years kiss. He didn’t propose. So I was starting to freak out because something was extremely wrong. We were walking back and he was so determined to get back to the fountain right around the corner of our hotel to take a picture that I was so tired and annoyed it wasn’t even cute anymore. We finally made it back to this fountain with the Christmas lights in the trees we stood to pose for a picture and he started telling me how much he loved me, and he said “let me show you how much” he dropped to a knee and said all these great perfect things and asked me to marry him.

New Years will forever be a special moment because in that moment I was asked to spend forever loving my best friend and soul mate.