Kalyn and Joey

Where to Propose in Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, Tampa, Fl

How We Met

Joey and I met through our mutual friends at church, February 2016. He plays drums for our worship band at Access Church and I am really good friends with our worship pastors. The band and myself went out to eat one day to have a birthday celebration for our worship pastor. At the time, I was just a few months away from moving to Greece for a three month long internship. Joey happened to sit next to me at lunch and the only words he said to me were, “you’re moving away for three months?!”

The rest is history, I moved to Greece and Joey and I became social media friends. He would like all my posts and listen to my live video updates. Upon arrival back to the states, Joey took initiative to say hi to me at church and I made myself present to be noticed whenever I could. ;)

how they asked

May 13, 2017 is a day I’ll never forget. Joey and I are very adventurous people. We love the outdoors, nature, and anything that will challenge us to be our best sleves. So for Joey to have a “fun date” set up for us after I got off work that Saturday didn’t come much as a surprise. He told me I needed two outfits, workout clothes and casual/nice clothes. He said we were going to Tampa and as we were driving disclosed that we were going to Vertical Ventures to rock climb!


It was a super fun date! The last time we had done anything really adventurous like this was when he asked me to be his girlfriend after the best kayak date September 24, 2016. I did think to myself at one point as we were rock climbing, “how cute would it be if our second big adventure was the next big adventure of our lives (marriage!)” but quickly rerouted my thoughts. To be honest, I didn’t think Joey had been saving up for the “big rock”. ;)

After about two hours of rock climbing we changed and headed toward downtown Tampa to eat. We parked and started walking around Curtis Hixon Park being silly, taking pictures, and just enjoying each other. Joey was shaking a lot and claimed it was from rock climbing. I joked with him and laughed that I must have been in better shape than him since I wasn’t shaking. Little did I know his shakes were nerves! Rock climbing was a good cover, he fooled me! We kept walking through the park to what I thought was a restaurant. I saw in the distance an area set up that looked like a proposal and literally started pulling Joey the other way. I thought we were running into someone else’s proposal!!! But he kept pulling me back. As we walked closer I recognized the blanket laid on the floor, stopped Joey in our tracks, looked him in the eyes and said, “wait is this really happening right now?!” We stepped into the area he had set up for us and asked if I wanted to go on the greatest adventure of our lives and took a knee!


1000x YES was my only response!

Kalyn and Joey's Engagement in Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, Tampa, Fl

Joeys brother and fiancé at the time came out from hiding to congratulate us and my best friend was capturing the whole proposal. We face timed our parents and went out to eat with a few other good friends at a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant after. ;)

I like to say Joey made me “climb for the Rock” that day. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Proposal Ideas Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, Tampa, Fl

Special Thanks

Shelby Jackson
 | Photographer
Billy and Alexxa Cambers
 | Planning