Kalyn and Daniel

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How We Met

The night Danny and I met, I was supposed to be on a date with another guy who bailed at the last minute. Having already gotten ready, I called a girlfriend of mine and we headed to dinner anyway. Danny happened to be there with a few of his friends, but he managed to catch my eye as soon as he walked in. After a little while, he finally managed to sneak his way into our conversation with a terrible pick up line about overdraft fees (he worked at a bank at the time) and was pretty quickly shut down with our laughter and confusion. Being the persistent guy he is, he dropped his phone number on the back of his check and dropped it off before heading to the bar next door. While we didn’t end up hanging out that night, I did text him the next day asking if he even remembered my name. He didn’t, but he gave it a good try. We shared a laugh and ended up talking for 2 hours that first night. After a few dates, I didn’t quite know what I wanted so I backed off a bit but in a random twist of fate, Danny broke his femur on July 4th and without thinking twice I rushed to the hospital to see him. There wasn’t any place I would rather be and that’s when I realized we would be together forever!

how they asked

The trickery began when Danny suggested we take a walk down to the beach with our dog Robert to meet his cousin, his girlfriend and their dog on a Saturday afternoon in December. When we got down to the cliffs we met up with his cousins girlfriend Taylor, but his cousin and their dog was no where in site. Danny then asked Taylor to take our photo, which was weird since he is not a photo type guy, and that’s when I heard the whirring of the drone above. At first look I only saw the drone, but as it got closer I saw a little red box hanging from a string attached to the drone. His cousin was up on the hill controlling the drone and lowered it down when Danny grabbed the ring. And yes, the real ring was in the box! Like any good proposal, Danny got down on one knee, said a bunch of stuff neither of us remember as his cousin flew the drone overheard capturing the whole moment!

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