Kalli and Francesco

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Long Beach, NY

How We Met

Though Francesco and I are typically more traditional, we actually met online! After realizing we were both heading out to the same club that weekend, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to meet up face-to-face. With an instant connection and a full summer ahead of us to explore together, you could say it was love at right swipe!

how they asked

For our 2nd anniversary, Francesco planned a day at the beach followed by dinner near the boardwalk where we had one of our first dinner dates. Unfortunately, plans changed when the weather forecast called for rain. However, instead of spending the day at the beach, Francesco was able to pick up his brand new Chevy Camaro. While he spent the morning at the dealership dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s, I decided to squeeze in a haircut so my coif would look perfect for our big night. As I’m sitting in the chair telling my stylist about my day and the evening ahead of me, it occurs to us both that I MIGHT be getting proposed to that very night. I call Francesco to ask him why he is picking me up at 6pm when our reservation is for 8pm. He tells me he wants to take a walk on the boardwalk before heading to dinner. “In the rain?,” I ask him. He assures me that it will stop raining and just to be ready at 6pm. I rush home to finish the scrapbook I made to document our first 2 years together and change into a dress for dinner. From down the block, I can hear the new car roar and for the first few minutes of our drive, Francesco can’t contain his excitement over finally getting his dream car. While I am excited for him, I realize (or at least think I realize) that tonight was not my night.

Kalli's Proposal in Long Beach, NY

We finally get to the boardwalk and for the most part it has stopped raining aside from a drizzle here and there. Francesco urges me to come out of the car and join him on a walk, even though I am already complaining about my hair getting ruined. As we start walking, Francesco begins reminiscing about the love we have shared for the past 2 years. He tells me how much he cares for me and how this has been the best time in his life. I tell him I couldn’t agree more and just when I think MAYBE I was wrong, he turns to me and says “Babe, let’s keep walking.” OKAY…

We continue on our way and stop a little further along in a familiar spot. Francesco turns to me again, and reminds me why this spot looks so recognizable. It is the spot where we took our first picture together. Cue the waterworks! Now, Francesco is telling me that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. As he gets down on one knee, I know we’re about to embark on the most amazing time of our lives! WE’RE ENGAGED!!!

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