Kalina and Taylor

How We Met

Taylor’s brother and I have a lot of mutual friends. One of them has a cabin up at Bear Lake and invited a bunch of people to have a fun weekend hanging out and hitting the lake. I was reluctant to go when some friends that were going to go with me bailed, but Stockton, our mutual friend, called me and told me to get my butt up there. I drove up to Bear Lake around midnight that night and Taylor was the one person I didn’t get introduced to that night. Keep in mind, I knew no one there but Stockton and one other friend. Little did I know, Taylor had also been reluctant to go since he didn’t know anyone but his brother, but was convinced when he heard Colton and him were taking their family’s nice boat to wakeboard and ski the next day. Both Taylor and I grew up close to the lake always boating whenever we got the chance. The next day, I hopped onto the boat, threw the wakeboard on, and that’s when I caught Taylor’s eye. After getting back on the boat I got to chat it up with Taylor’s sister-in-law and finally got the guts to talk to Taylor. Walking away that day, Taylor never got my number. A few days later I got a random text and sure enough, it was him! He asked me out for a few days later, but to my dismay I had to turn him down for a follow up appointment with my surgeon (I had just gotten my tonsils out). I was lucky enough that he gave me another shot and took me out for our first day, yes we went boating, the next week. From the first moment we talked, I knew he was a special guy.

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On April 5, 2018, seven months after becoming Taylor’s girlfriend, we went out for the first boat run on Hyrum Dam for the season. It was a freezing cold day, the ice had just finish melting off the lake and I was ready to watch my man wakeboard while I stayed wrapped up in my coat for this round. We had a blast on the lake, took lots of pictures, and tore up the water. After everyone had their turn boarding, we were hanging out and driving around the lake. I really had to use the bathroom and Taylor insisted on dropping me off at the beach to go, but I denied him thinking we would get off the lake at any minute. Colton, Taylor’s brother, drove up by a fishing dock and was like “oh man lets explore this!!” and I was like, “Colton… it’s a dock what the heck do you possibly want to explore” like come on man I have to use the bathroom, and he shrugged jumped off the boat and his wife followed him. Taylor playfully started pushing the boat away from the dock and told me to hurry and start it and leave them on the dock. I thought to myself, “dang he could totally propose now but he won’t cause he still hasn’t freakin asked my dad”. He played me on that one well.

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We had been wanting to take more nice pictures together, however, so we anchored the boat down and were going to have Colton’s wife take a picture of us on the back of the boat. We took the picture and he turned me towards him and said, “I have a surprise for you”. He walked to the front of the boat, reached under the seat and grabbed a stuffed dog, came back and handed it to me. He said, “I know you’ve always wanted a dog so I thought I’d get you one”. I looked at him and said thank you but was still like uh is this it or is there more haha.

He took the dog back from me, reached inside it, dropped down to one knee and proceeded to tell me how much he loved me and asked me to marry him. I was SO surprised and had no idea that this would be the day I got to say YES to the man of my dreams. It couldn’t have been more perfect getting engaged on the very same boat we met on seven months earlier in the place we love to spend time with each other the most. I love you so much Taylor, I can not wait to be your wife.

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Special Thanks

Miranda Acevedo
 | Photographer
Colton Acevedo
 | Planning