Kalina and Anthony

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How We Met

We first met when I was moved next to him in our ninth grade health class. I was a talker and the teacher had to move me to where I would not be a problem. He moved me next to this very quiet and shy boy, and I immediately began talking to him. This boy was adorable and I would not leave him alone. One day I asked to use his phone because I had left mine at home and needed to tell my friend something. In reality, I texted myself to get his number. So I began texting him randomly and bothering him all of the time. Usually, it was a text at 7AM in the morning on Saturdays (because I was obviously extremely mature). We became best friends and stayed that way all throughout high school. This wonderful man put up with me all the way until our freshmen year of college when he asked me to date him.

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how they asked

He told me we were going on a birthday date for me (it had been my birthday the week before). We got all dressed up and were driving to meet up with a couple that we were friends with so we could pick up a gift. When we arrived, she said that her husband was having trouble with his car and Anthony needed to go pick him up. So I stayed behind with my friend and we talked for a little bit. She asked if we could go outside and get some air. I followed her out of the doors, but then she jumped into a golf cart owned by the golf club we were at, and told me to get in. I assumed she was just joking around and was waiting for her to get yelled at, but no one stopped her. I finally agreed to get in and she started driving us down the golf course. A million things were going through my mind, but they were mostly about the amount of trouble we were going to get in for stealing this golf cart.

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We rounded a corner on the course and I suddenly see my family and friends standing on a dock staring and smiling at me, surrounded by flowers and candles. Then my eyes moved to my boyfriend standing in front of an arch with the biggest and most adorable smile I have ever seen. That is when I realized this was the day I had been waiting for.

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