Kalie and Cade's Gorgeous Proposal at Bear Lake

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how we met

The first time I met the love of my life was in seventh grade. We had both just entered into our first year of Jr. High, and I was lucky enough to end up in the same gym class as her. This gym class is where I would get my first look at my future wife. We ended up meeting through our friends, as I was WAY to shy to go talk to her on my own. We never really talked much, but we hung out with the same group of friends during class. I had the biggest crush on this girl and drooled over her ever since the first day I met her. She was so beautiful with her big round cheeks and her white gym shoes, every day I would wish that I had the guts to go talk to her. But, I never really built up that courage and the school year came to an end and she ended up going to a different school the following year.

The next five or six years would pass without us ever really seeing each other more than once or twice. The next time we saw each other we had both just graduated from different High Schools, and had enrolled at Utah State in Logan, UT. There was a community gym for the students that me and a few of my buddies would work out at, and as we were doing so I saw a familiar face. I couldn’t believe it, it was my childhood crush. Still as beautiful as I remembered her, and my feelings for her had not changed one bit. I knew it was her right when I saw her, but not knowing if she knew who I was I wimped out AGAIN on my chance to get to know her better. We never saw each other again at Utah State.

About a year later, when we were both broke and had moved back home to live with our parents is when he had our next run in with each other. As strange as it is, the place we saw each other was at another gym! Every encounter I ever had with this girl that I had a crush on for the last 7 years had been in a gym. When I saw her this time I was determined that I was not leaving that gym without talking to her. We made eye contact and I knew that was my shot. It was FINALLY happening. I was about to talk her for the first time in 7 years. We talked about life and what we had been doing since middle school and just sort of caught up with each other. During this I figured out she had a boyfriend. So, we did not end up dating at this time. A few months later I could tell by her Instagram posts that she wasn’t with her boyfriend anymore. So right then, I messaged her and asked her on a date. I know, I know. That’s not the way to ask out a girl. But she had moved about an hour away, and out of fear of never seeing her again or someone asking her out first, it was my only option.

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how they asked

I love surprises. Cade knows that so he had to trick me a little bit after we picked out a ring so I would not see the proposal coming. He told me he wanted to ask my Dad’s permission to marry me, but my Dad would be out of the state for four weeks, so we would not be getting engaged for quite a while. That weekend we went to Bear Lake for his family reunion. All of my coworkers told me that Cade was just trying to trick me into thinking he hadn’t asked my dad and would propose on this trip, but I tried to keep their ideas out of my head so I would not get my hopes up for nothing.

The first night in Bear Lake, Cade’s Mom brought out her shellac nail kit and invited me to do my nails while we waited for dinner. Right there I started thinking proposal!? Could this be because Cade was going to propose this weekend and I needed nice nails!? No, I thought to myself, stop that wishful thinking. After doing my nails and eating dinner Cade’s Mom texted him saying they were at the beach and needed help finding some lost lifejackets. That is weird, I thought, Cade and I driving so far to help look for a lifejacket…We got in the car and Cade started acting really hyper. He was fidgety, a crazy driver, super happy, and not his normal self. Again I started thinking is he acting like this because he is going to propose tonight!?! It was so hard to push the thoughts out of my head but I kept telling myself I was just reading into everything way too much.

Once we got to the beach we took our shoes off and walked through the sand. After a while Cade got quiet and just held my hand as we walked. I looked up from watching my feet and saw a trail of something white off in the distance leading to what looked like some type of canopy. I snapped my head back down to look at my feet. My head started spinning wondering if there was any chance that was for me or it was a cute surprise for someone else!? After a few seconds of trying to sort through my thoughts I slowly looked up once more to peek, we were a lot closer now and walking directly towards the aisle. I squeezed Cade’s hand and searched his eyes for any confirmation that this could be for me. He smiled and said, “Kalie, I love you. I love you SO much.” Then I knew!

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My heart started to leap and I wanted to cry, dance, laugh and kiss the holy heck out of my cute soon to be Fiancé all at the same time! I turned to look at the set up again. There was an aisle made of candles in white paper sacks with pale pink rose petals scattered in the sand. This lead to a white blanket and a few pillows leaned against a beach umbrella wrapped in baby white lights. On one side of the pillows was a quote written on a framed black board that said, “The first time I saw you my heart whispered she’s the one.” On the other side a few lanterns were lit with chocolates, roses, and drinks. The whole scene was just perfect!

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Cade walked me down the aisle of roses and candles and talked to me about when he first met me and how he loves me. Before he could finish tears started rolling down my cheeks and I interrupted him with a long tight hug. He broke away and got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him. I nodded and cried as he put the prettiest little ring on my finger.

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I was overwhelmed with happiness as one of the sweetest moments of my life just took place. All the time this was happening Cade had a photographer there to capture the moment in pictures. I did not notice for a while because I was so consumed by Cade and everything that was going on, but it just added to the perfect proposal to be able to look back and relive the memory with the photos. I cannot even explain how excited I am to marry Cade Bailey and could not have asked for a better way to start our story.


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