Kali and Will

Kali and Will's Engagement in At my parents house in LaGrange, KY

How We Met

Will and I first met in 2015 on an anonymous app called YikYak in where I posted complaining about how guys basically suck. He commented back and people kept saying we should meet, so we exchanged numbers and started planning our first date. I changed our date like a million times which just sets the tone for our entire relationship.

Kali's Proposal in At my parents house in LaGrange, KY

How They Asked

Growing up I was raised by my grandparents. In December of 2018, my Papa was diagnosed with glioblastoma. Originally we were told he had 2 years to live, which gave me hope that he would at least see me get engaged. All of that changed in March when they then said he only had 2 months left. On April 2nd I got a call from my mama that they are only giving him a few days to a week. I made it a point to call off work and come back home to be with them. I called Will the next day after our hospice nurse left asking if he would make the hour drive to my parents house to bring me more clothes and to just be with me.

Little did I know he had other plans. I knew that he was going to ask my parents for their blessing but he had something else up his sleeve. He let my parents know that he in fact planned on proposing that day. In front of my mama (grandma), papa, my mom, my step dad, and my uncle, Will got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I never thought my papa would be able to see me get engaged but Will planned it out to absolute perfection.