Kali and Ryan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On Top of Beaver Creek Mountain

how we met

I met Kali through JSwipe; however, I feel we were destined to meet. We grew up in the same town, lived in the same neighborhood, and even lived on the same golf course! Our parents knew each other from going to the same temple and apparently several of our parents’ friends had talked abut setting us up, but JSWIPE got to us first. Our first date was at a rooftop bar in downtown Fort Lauderdale back in Fall of 2019.

Kali's Proposal in On Top of Beaver Creek Mountain

Wedding Proposal Ideas in On Top of Beaver Creek Mountain

Proposal Ideas On Top of Beaver Creek Mountain

Engagement Proposal Ideas in On Top of Beaver Creek Mountain

Where to Propose in On Top of Beaver Creek Mountain

How They Asked

Ryan proposed to me near the top of Beaver Creek mountain during our ski trip to Colorado. We had planned to go skiing in the morning, but Ryan insisted we go snowshoeing instead. He had a trail mapped out and was prepared to be our guide. Trekking through snow and wind, we originally got lost but quickly found our way along the “correct” path. A few minutes later, I hear music playing in the distance. Suddenly, I am able to make out the words and recognize my favorite country song playing. Now, I am sobbing under my googles because I know what is happening. Ryan urges me to keep walking so we can get to the main event. In front of us now stands a large wooden deck, red letters reading “Marry Me”, rose pedals on the floor and a musician singing Head over Boots by Jon Pardi on the acoustic guitar. Ryan stopped us, got down on one knee and asked me the easiest question I have ever had to answer. It was absolutely beautiful!


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