Kali and Chris

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how they asked

Chris and I were traveling to Washington State (where he’s from) from Texas (where we both live) to visit his family for the first time. I was so nervous about going because I knew that I was going to eventually marry Chris, so I wanted to make a good first impression on his family when I met them for the first time. The first full day we had in Washington, we had made plans to travel up to Leavenworth and drive over the pass and explore while his family was at work. Chris was acting really weird that morning, which should have tipped me off, but I thought he was just tired from traveling. We went to breakfast and we sat on the same side of the both, and I put my hand on his leg and he freaked out telling me not to touch him. Grouch. Once we were on the road, Chris decided to pull over and take me on a trail so we could get out of the car for a few minutes. I had two rules for being proposed to: 1. it must be a surprise and 2. it must be photographed.

As we were walking down the path and seeing all the beautiful waterfalls, Chris stopped another tourist and asked him to take our picture. After we got our picture taken, Chris looked at the phone to make sure it was “good enough.” After looking at the picture he asked the guy to take one more just in case. As the camera clicked, Chris got down on one knee. It was such a surprise I didn’t even know how to react and it was all caught on camera.