Kali and Beau

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How We Met

Memorial day weekend of this year (2016), I planned a trip to Gulf Shores with some close girlfriends and guy friends. We still needed a few more people to fill the beach house, so my guy friends invited Beau to come along. I had no idea who he even was and visa versa. The day we were leaving we all met up in a nearby Starbucks parking lot to load up our cars. As soon as I stepped out of my car, me and Beau made eye contact -more like our eyes locked automatically. I knew right then this was about to be a trip of a lifetime. All the girls were in one car, all the guys in the other. However, we had one open seat in our car… guess who was the first to jump in that seat next to me? For the next 4 days it was almost as if it was only us two.

We spent our nights in an eno hammock that we hung between two palm trees on the beach, where we would just talk for hours. I remember one night I mentioned I wanted to take things slow. It was apparent that we liked each other a lot, however the feeling I had for Beau was unlike anything I had ever felt before, so as human I was slowly ‘freaking out.’ Once we returned home from our vacation, we spend every weekend together. Within the first two weeks, I knew I had to let this guard down that I had up because I knew I couldn’t let this one go. We became official right off the bat, I even bullied him into admitting he loved me after only two weeks.. ha! We both work a lot, so about after a month of dating we decided we wanted to book a trip to Cancun just us two. Little did I know that this trip we were planning for September would soon change my entire life.

how they asked

When we had booked our vacation to Cancun in July, I had mentioned how cool it would be to take pictures in all white on the beach with the resorts photographers. By the time September rolled around, I had honestly forgot about it. Clearly, Beau did not. He had made an appointment with our resort for our second night at sunset. As we got ready in our all white, it clearly crossed my mind about a proposal, but I just knew he would not do it in a different country without our family or friends around. The location the photographer had us start at was absolutely breathtaking.

Everything about it (as you can see in my pictures above)! After about 15 minutes in to our photo-shoot, the photographer had Beau get down on one knee for me to sit in his lap to take some pictures. As I stood up, I mentioned how I did not like this position because I did not want pictures where it ‘looked’ like a proposal. The photographer said “okay, well turn around” and there Beau was with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen, asking me to spend the rest of my life with him.

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Immediate tears streamed down my face, I felt like I was in a dream.

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Of course, I said yes!!

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We spent our night celebrating with champagne and talking on the beach. Seriously, I still cannot believe how amazing everything went! A few days later we headed back home and so excited to see our families. Well, little did I know he had more surprises up his sleeve. We landed back in Atlanta and we were welcomed by our families and close friends at the airport with signs and so much love! As we headed home, all I could talk about was finally a shower in my own shower and then going straight to sleep. Well… more surprises.

I walked in to my house to a surprise engagement party! All of our friends and even more family greeted us. Our party had been themed by my sister-in-law as future date night ideas for us. We were funded with so many gift cards with the cutest ideas for us to do, while we save for our wedding! Needless to say, the past week and a half have honestly felt like a fairytale and a dream. I am so blessed to spend the rest of my life with the most loving man and someone who loves me like Jesus does. We are SO excited for our life together!

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