Kali and Aaron

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How We Met

Admitting my sister is right is not something I normally do but I’ll give her some credit this time. Three years ago, she was a sophomore in high school. She was always telling me about her history teacher, Mr. Taylor and how nice he was. She would tell me over and over that I needed to meet him. I would always tell her, “Taylor, I’m not going to date your teacher”. Over the course of her three remaining years in high school, she continued to tell me about this teacher. I never met him because “that’s just weird”. She would send me Snap chats of his Mickey Mouse watch and him helping other students and kept dropping hints left and right that he was single (she was a little creepy but in small town Wyoming, everyone knows everything).

Fast forward to May 2017, Taylor was graduating high school. I lived about 5 hours away and made the trip home for the big celebration. I met my family at a local restaurant and was catching up with them. It just so happens that Mr. Taylor (Aaron) and his coworker were at a table next to us. Aaron came over to talk to my mom and sister. I am not the most observant person (especially when I’m hungry) so I was more focused on what I was going to order than the guy standing at the opposite end of the table.

After he left, my mom and sister both turned to me and said, “That was Mr. Taylor! He was staring at you the ENTIRE time he was talking to us.” They continued to talk about how great he was and that I REALLY needed to meet him.

After graduation weekend, I did a little Facebook creepin’ (I guess creepy runs in the family) and found his profile. I told my sister I was thinking about adding him. She was beyond excited so I quickly hit the friend request button then logged off. He accepted the request a few hours later and I low-key panicked because I thought I was a weirdo for sending my sister’s now ex teacher a friend request.

He messaged me a few days later and I developed an instant crush (um, have you seen him?!). We started chatting and it just so happened he was going to interview at the town I was living in a few days. We met up after his interview at a brewery in June and have not looked back since!

how they asked

We still do not live in the same town. He got a job in a town three hours from where I live now. So, on the weekends we take turns traveling. Well, December 22, 2017, was a Friday and it was his turn to travel. He showed up at his normal time around 7:00 pm. He looked a bit rushed and asked if I wanted to take Bentley (our puppy) for a “quick” walk. It was 15 degrees but I still agreed because there was a mention of dinner afterward. I threw on some slippers and had on my “Friday is my second favorite F-word” sweater and grabbed Bentley.

Christmas time is my FAVORITE and I had been dying to go to this park that was lit up with Christmas lights that were choreographed to music. He wanted to go to that park to walk and I did not hesitate one bit. We were walking around and talking about the lights and which ones we liked. All of a sudden, he said that Bentley had something in her mouth. I replied that she did not have anything because I had been watching her the whole time. He again said that he was SURE something was in her mouth and asked if I would look. So, I bent down to check and then quickly turned around to tell him she did not have anything and he was standing there with an open ring box. I immediately started crying. I’m not even sure what he said, all I know is that it was really sweet. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said yes then when he stood up I was so excited I punched him in the arm! We were both in tears and in shock that that had just happened. That is a moment I will never forget!

We are getting married July 14, 2018, and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend! Thanks, Taylor for being so persistent! I guess you were right and I’m even changing my last name to your first name!