Kaley and Ben

Proposal Ideas Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore, CA

How We Met

The first time I ever saw Ben was on February 28th, 2016. We both happened to be at a friends’ alley-shop space for an artists pop up (a dear friend of mine!) Although I didn’t officially meet him here, I knew it had to happen. We crossed paths not long after. We were both at a video premiere for a music festival that takes place here in Kansas City. A mutual friend of ours was planning on introducing us, but never got around to it. Ben ended up leaving suddenly, but as he was walking outside, we both looked back at each other and I decided right then and there that I was going to pursue him. I ended up reaching out to him later that night and knew something was different this time. From then on, my life was changed. Nothing has ever been so easy. We both say all the time that we never knew it could be like this. I’m so thankful for him and I feel like we came into each other’s lives at just the right time.

Kaley and Ben's Engagement in Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore, CA

how they asked

We decided to take a trip to Topanga Canyon for a weekend getaway with two of our best friends. We stayed in a magical Air bnb that felt like an oasis – waking up to the sound of birds chirping, the breeze blowing in, picking oranges from the tree outside the door and playing pool and card games while enjoying local beer. We spent most mornings enjoying brunch, exploring local shops and joy riding along the PCH. However, what I looked forward to most was the super bloom.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore, CA

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore, CA

While planning the trip, I had noticed many friends posting photos from a gorgeous field of poppies. I knew it was a must! Sunday, we drove to Lake Elsinore, CA to Walker Canyon. I had found a dress at Christy Dawn the day before, which was rather serendipitous. The plan was to go for a short hike and photograph us four in the field of wildflowers. During the hike, I kept noticing Ben on his phone which later found out, it was the photographer and him coordinating! I also noticed Sami trying to find the perfect spot as she kept going ahead of us. I still thought nothing of it. I finally found this drop off that was less steep than others and had a beautiful backdrop of the California hills. Ben suggested that Sami photograph him and I so we headed down the hill. I noticed him getting a little nervous when suddenly, all I heard was my name and him down on one knee.

Kaley's Proposal in Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore, CA

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore, CA

I hardly remember the rest because I was overwhelmingly happy. The photographers then came rushing down and all along, they were following us from the beginning of the hike! What I thought was a mini-hike at the most beautiful wildflower field inside Walker Canyon turned out to be the greatest surprise proposal that I could’ve never imagined.

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