Kaley and Kyle

How We Met

We went to college together and met in business 100. We were in the same group for a semester long project, I remember that I did a majority of the project, he begs to differ.

Image 1 of Kaley and Kyle

how they asked

I teach two classes on Sunday mornings, I woke up as usual, kissed Kyle and our puppy goodbye and was out the door. As soon as I got to the studio, they let me know that one of our big riders was going to get engaged at the end of my second class. I immediately kicked into high gear wanting this to be an insanely memorable class for her full or words and messages that she’d think back on and relate seamlessly to her engagement. I think I said the phrase “say yes, say I can, say I will” about a million times. The second class ends, I instantly look to the door waiting for her boyfriend to come in when all of a sudden the back door of the studio opened and Kyle walked in.

I scanned the room and realized that some of the studio staff had come in with a sign that said “Kaley, will you marry me?” the next thing I knew Kyle was in front of me and the entire room was erupting in applause. For me, what I do is way more than it’s a job – it’s my life. And my riders, especially the ones I spend my Sunday mornings with, are more than just clients, they are friends. It was so special to be in a place I love surrounded by people I love for our big moment.

Image 2 of Kaley and Kyle

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