Kaley and Jimmy

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How We Met

Jimmy and I are high school sweethearts. We met in first grade when his family moved from the Philippines to Georgia. We were placed in the same first grade class for two weeks, but sadly our class ended up splitting between all of the other first grade classes because our teacher moved schools. We attended school and church together, but really got to know each other better our freshman year of high school. Because…ya know, boys still have cooties in middle school;) However, I always knew Jimmy was different than all of the other boys. We had marching band practice and a lot of classes together, therefore we saw one another quite often. I fell hard for him at age 14. He loved the Lord, was kind to literally everyone he met, would walk me to class, talk to me during third quarter of every football game, and give me that charming smile. How could I not? By the end of freshman year, we finally got up enough courage to admit that we liked one another. Ever since freshman year of high school we have never doubted our love and commitment to one another, and I fall more and more in love with him every day. It is junior year of college and he still gives me that charming smile that still gives me butterflies, comes to my soccer games, walks me to classes, and loves me with all of his heart. In May, it will be a total of five years together <3

how they asked

*Preface* Well…I thought I had it figured out. Because of multiple leading events to March 11, I was 100% sure he was NOT going to propose…I was wrong.

Jimmy and I had been wanting to take a day trip to Charleston, SC for a while because it is such a beautiful and historic city. We thought the first official day of spring break would be a good time to go! So, we left at 6am and traveled 4.5 hours to Charleston. We arrived before noon and explored all over the historic part of the town. We walked the cobblestone streets, to the waterfronts, the marketplace, residential areas, parks, etc. and it was all beautiful! We ate lunch at a cute little cafe and smoothie shop. Perfect day!

After exploring, *we* (Jimmy knew we would end up here all along…) decided to go to the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. These gardens we came to find out are the oldest recorded gardens in America. We explored the plantation area and were in awe of the blooming flowers everywhere. We decided to go down a path that was canopied and surrounded by fully bloomed azaleas. (fairytale like right?)

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We had taken a few self-timed photos throughout the day so when Jimmy said, “Lets get one more set of pictures before we leave.” I thought nothing of it. He sneakily set up my camera and put it on video and recorded his smoothly planned proposal. I was in disbelief and was completely overjoyed. It could not have been more perfect. Surrounded by God’s beautiful creation in the oldest gardens of America.

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This is a proposal for the books. Take notes, guys! PS. We came back to my house and all of my closest friends and both of our families were there waiting to celebrate our engagement with us! Total surprise. His idea of course! It was a perfect way to end a perfect day.