Kaley and Grant

Kaley and Grant's Engagement in Oldenburg, Indiana

How We Met

Grant and Kaley both attended Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana for college. Most weeks, Kaley’s friend group would go to a local pub for karaoke to unwind. Kaley had been hearing about this new guy that some of her friends had met through other friend groups and really liked (it was Grant!), so her friends were eager to bring him into the group.

Like any other week, Kaley headed to the pub for karaoke with her friends, hearing rumors that this new guy would be joining. He lived across the street and was having some other friends over that evening so no one was sure if he would show up to the pub or not but he did! Kaley and Grant were introduced by a mutual friend and spent the next 4 hours getting to know each other. It was like no one else was there! Before the night was over, Kaley asked for Grant’s phone number, sent her number to Grant, and they parted ways.

The next day, Grant texted Kaley – who says you need to wait 3 days?! They talked non-stop that day and the rest is history. They have been dating since November 2011.

How They Asked

Grant and Kaley met through mutual friends while they were attending college at Ball State University. They hit it off right away and spent the entire night talking. Kaley asked for Grant’s phone number before they parted ways…he was shy then and is shy now. :) The two continued talking and in November 2011, they officially started dating. After Grant and Kaley graduated, they moved to Indianapolis to start their new life together. Kaley works downtown as a consultant and Grant as an elementary school teacher.

They have had so many adventures since 2011 and Kaley was thrilled when Grant FINALLY popped the question on September 2, 2017. It was so perfect! Grant and Kaley were going to see Grant’s parents in Oldenburg, Indiana for a family event (or so Kaley thought!) On the way there, Grant told Kaley he wanted to stop to see his cousin at Kaley’s favorite spot in the area. Of course, she wouldn’t say no! It is a beautiful spot where water runs over a road and flows off of a waterfall. Very scenic and very tranquil. When they got there, they all made their way to the waterfall.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Oldenburg, Indiana

Little did Kaley know, Grant had other plans! Grant got down on one knee while Kaley screamed, “Oh my God! Is this really happening?!” Grant gave a wonderful speech about their love and asked Kaley to marry him. All the while, Grant’s cousin was taking pictures of the entire thing! They finished it off with champagne and headed to the family cabin to share the good news.

Again, little did Kaley know, Grant had other plans! When they walked in, the entire cabin was filled with family and friends and decorated for the engagement. What a beautiful surprise! After nearly 6 years together (at the time), he still knew how to surprise her.