Kalen and Monet's Christmas Card Photoshoot Proposal

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how we met

Well, Kalen and I both were “party-goers” in our “younger days”. We met in this super romantic place called Cassanovas. Which is a small Maui bar. It was “Ladies night” and ladies all get in free. So of course my girls and I had to go. My cousin Aaron went to school with Kalen and introduced us that night. We didn’t really talk. But according to Kalen, I was smitten by his dance moves and it was fate. We Facebook messaged each other and that was the start of it!

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how they asked

Kalen planned a few weeks prior that we were going to take Christmas card photos. He said he knew a photographer. I was taken back by the idea because it isn’t something Kalen or guys really enjoy doing or planning (I think). But I agreed to it anyway. The day of the Christmas card photo-taking, I was picking out a dress to wear. It was between a red or white one. Kalen said, “Go with the white one. The red one is ugly.” I thought a bit blunt and honest, but went with the white one anyway. As we drove to Polipoli where Kalen said the photographer was meeting us, I was talking to him about the color and type of Christmas card we would get. He seemed pretty disinterested in the topic, which started me wondering. “I wonder if he is going to propose?” As we arrived at the site, there was the photographer with a nice professional camera there. I sadly thought “Well, I guess I was wrong. We ARE just taking Christmas card photos.” We started taking various shots and poses. The photographer suggested we do some ‘single’ shots looking out onto Maui. Kalen went first, facing his back toward the photographer. The photographer then asked me to do the same pose, so I did. Then he told me “Ok now turn around and face Kalen.” As I turned around, Kalen was kneeling with the ring. I immediately covered my face and began crying. He asked me to marry him and in my excitement I just hugged and kissed him. He said “So was that a yes?” I laughed and cried and replied “Yes!”. After the excitement settled, I asked “Are we still really taking Christmas card photos??” They both replied “No.” In my excitement on the ride back, I said “We have to go home to tell my mom and grandma!” Kalen agreed but said “Let’s go eat dinner first. We are up here anyway so let’s go to Kula Bistro.” I agreed. We got to the restaurant and as I walked in, my parents, grandparents and his grandma were all sitting at a table waiting. My eyes filled with happy tears for yet ANOTHER a surprise! I must say, the story still brings tears to my eyes. Kalen did an amazing job planning the engagement and I love him even more knowing how much effort he put into it.

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