Kaleigh and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met years before actually going out and dating, our daughters danced together and then he was stationed in another state for a few years. When he was stationed back in Missouri and we ran into each other. This time we were both single and so he asked me out and the rest is history.

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how they asked

From the day we started dating our relationship was long distance, due to the military. Travel was the only thing that would bring us together for short amounts of time to focus solely on one another. The first place we ever traveled to was Nashville, TN. Nashville is where we fell in love and almost always found ourselves back there. So I guess when it came time to ask for forever, what better place, right?

So, starting a few weeks, we decided with our kids, other parents that they would spend the labor day weekend at their houses since we didn’t have plans. Mike had asked if I wanted to take the boat out or something, so I decided to take the full long weekend off work, just in case. Well, he kept changing his mind and plans so I decided to try and work, but my boss told me he didn’t need me for the weekend. So Saturday morning we woke up and he told me to take the dog to my parents and pack a bag that he was taking me on a surprise vacation.

We get in the car and drive and SURPRISE its Nashville!!! We find this cool little building and he convinces me to go in and look, so we did. Little did I know it was our hotel with my best friend and her boyfriend hiding there! So we get ready and head to dinner at the wild horse saloon. We finally get a table and they were super busy and the food was taking a while, so Michael asked me to dance (and I never turn down a dance). Footloose was playing and we were acting all crazy and as it ended I started to think to leave the dance floor and then, just so happens our song started to play, so we start to dance.

Michael moves me to to the middle of the dance floor and starts asking me how much I love him and if I’m sure to want to spend the rest of my life with him (which again is normal), and he tells me he loves me more then he loves anyone on this earth, so we start to kiss and as I open my eyes he’s down on one knee and I’m SHOCKED ! of course, I say yes and when we both get up there its HUNDREDS of people applauding us under the spotlight and on the jumbo screen!!

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