Kaleigh and Kyle

Kaleigh and Kyle's Engagement in New York City - Central Park

How We Met

We met through a mutual friend at the University of Montevallo. The first time I ever met him he made up a sappy song on the spot to sing to me. We ran in different crowds for the most part, but we kept finding ourselves getting thrown into the same places with the same group of people. He started leading worship at the campus ministry I was a part of. We annoyed the crap out of each other at first. But we became good friends pretty quickly. We were kind of bros, though. He would call me and I would help him through his girl problems. He would cheer me up when I was down and was there for me when the guy I was dating dumped me. We talked all the time. About anything and everything. We didn’t realize it yet, but we were creating a relationship that was going to be built on deep friendship. And it just kind of happened without us even realizing it. He eventually asked me to go to a concert with him at a really cool local music venue. I timidly agree. That was the first time he held my hand and the first time I knew that I was going to love him.

how they asked

My sister travels a lot for work. Therefor, she always has lots of hotel points to put towards getting really cheap vacations! She asked me around early October what I thought about using her hotel points to get a hotel room in Times Square for New Years Eve. Umm…YES! How could I pass that up? That is like bucket list stuff right there. So we made the reservations and bought the train (yes, train) tickets for our very first trip to New York City. A place I have always been obsessed with and dreamed about going. I made a long list of places I wanted to see, but at the very top of that list was Bow Bridge in Central Park. I didn’t want to leave the city until I had admired the city skyline from my beautiful bridge. So me, Kyle, my sister, and her best friend boarded a 24 hour train ride to Manhattan. And the journey began. :) After the long, long, long, long train ride, we finally arrived at Penn Station around 2:30. We made the hike with ALL our luggage to our hotel and got changes and ready for the NYC New Years Eve festivities. We opted to pass on the absolute insanity that is Times Square on New Years Eve and decided to watch fire works from Central Park instead. But, by the time we got out into the city, we still had a lot of time to kill before midnight. We went to explore Central Park. We walked around taking in every sight we could and snapping pictures and just all around LOVING this beautiful city. Kyle noticed that the sun was beginning to set and told me that we needed to hurry because we needed to find Bow Bridge before it got too terribly dark. So we roamed around (at a very quick pace I might add) to find this bridge before sundown. We wanted to get good pictures. We finally found it after about 20 minutes of searching and it was everything I dreamed that it would be. And to make things better, I got to see it with my sister and my guy. My sister told us to get up on the middle so she could get a good shot of us on the bridge. So we did. He kept telling her to wait to snap the picture. “Not yet.” “There’s too many people in the shot.” “Wait until these people walk by.” And my brain was thinking, “PLEASE take the picture these people are starting to stare!” Well, apparently everyone else caught on to what was happening before I did because they all stopped and moved to the side to give us a few moments to get our picture. Now my brain was thinking, “wow, these people are being so considerate and letting us take our picture.” But sure enough, just when my sister was about to snap a picture, Kyle got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! Talk about being in shock. My feet forgot how to walk and my mouth forgot how to make words, but I nodded my head and the crowd applauded. It was the perfect movie moment proposal that I always thought only happened to other girls. :)




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