Kaleigh and Aaron

How We Met

Aaron and I really did fall in love at first sight. I was in a new high school for my senior year and knew no one at lunch. One day, through mutual friends I ended up at Aaron’s table. We started talking and talking lead to dating. However, I was a senior about to head to college over 10 hours from Aaron. We committed ourselves to a long distance relationship. We visited as often as possible although that wasn’t enough. We were not sure if long distance would ever end or the right doors would open to allow us to live within the same state, let alone the same zip code. We waited out the long separation and were blessed immensely! Aaron received an amazing job opportunity in Memphis, thirty minutes from my home! Long distance ended a year and three months after I left for college and we could finally be together!

how they asked

It was Christmas Eve and I was out running errands and finishing up that last minute shopping! I got home and got dressed for the Christmas Eve service we attend at our church. I was surprised to find Aaron in my kitchen waiting on me, because he was supposed to be meeting us at church. I thought nothing of it and proceeded to get in his truck to leave. On the way to church he said he wanted to stop and take a picture. We stopped at a cute gazebo decorated for christmas and took a casual selfie. Aaron then held my hands and told me how much he loves me and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me! Before I knew it, he was down on one knee with a gorgeous ring! Of course I said yes! As we turned around, my whole family was behind the gazebo watching us enjoy our special moment!

Image 1 of Kaleigh and Aaron

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