Kalani and Derek

how they asked

It all started with a spontaneous trip to Oregon. We had been talking about visiting and hiking the west coast and Derek surprised me with a trip out west.

It was day three into our trip and we were hiking the Tillamook Lighthouse Trail in Ecola State Park. At the peak of the trail there was a boundary rope and Derek, who somehow always gets me out of my comfort zone, talked me into going over to the rope to get a better look of the overview.

The view was breathtaking! We were standing on the cliff looking out at the Pacific Ocean, and out in the distance was a lighthouse with waves crashing all around it.

While taking in the beauty, I heard Derek say, “do you love me.” Which I replied of course, and turned around to see him down on one knee. He then asked, “Do you love me forever?” I instantly started crying and after a moment he kind of looked at me and said, “Are you going to answer?”

Of course I said yes!

Special Thanks

Shelly Beck Photography
 | Photography