Kala and Troy

How We Met

We met in high school 11 years ago. He sat behind me in home room for 3 years and he always had a crush on me. I never knew.

how they asked

The beginning of December someone crashed into my car in the middle of the night and completely totaled it. Not sure how I was going to afford a new car or when I would be able to get one it was a very stressful time. One night after a very long day at work he shows up at my house with a brand new car for me. I was completely surprised and couldn’t stop crying. My sister was there filming and she told me to go look inside my new car. I get inside, still crying saying how beautiful it is sitting there for a few minutes I notice a ring box inside the car. I say “what is this” and when I look back over at him he’s getting on one knee next to me and has a beautiful diamond ring in his hand and asks me to marry him. I began crying even more so overwhelmed with emotions.

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