Kajal and Akshay

How We Met

Akshay and I used to live near each other and went to school together. We have been dating for several years and spent a lot of time together from studying to working out together. He never failed to keep the little things in mind from making sure I always had my coffee and wasn’t hangry especially during exam times. I always knew he was the one because he always found a way to make me laugh until my stomach hurts!

How They Asked

Akshay and I both wanted to take a trip after my LSATs were finished, but we had a lot going on with work and family so we decided to cancel our plans. Little did I know that he was secretly planning a vacation! He took care of all the details from planning the entire trip to asking my bosses for my days off. He wanted to keep the vacation a surprise until the day before we left, but I was trying to schedule a few appointments during the week of the vacation (typical). The only information he provided me with was the dates and to pack spring clothes. I found out that we were going to San Diego once we got to the airport and I was ecstatic to get away from the cold! But, his surprises didn’t end there.

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Kajal and Akshay's Engagement in Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, CA

The second day of our vacation, he told me he planned a dinner overlooking the city. On our way, we came across Sunset Cliffs and decided to make a pitstop to take in the beautiful view. Once we got down the cliffs, he went back to the car to get our dog, Ellie. As soon as I saw him walking down with Ellie, I burst out into tears! Ellie had her cute sign that said “Mommy, will you marry Daddy” and our friends came out of hiding! This was such a perfect and breathtaking proposal that was beyond what I dreamed of!

Special Thanks

Babsie Ly
 | Photographer