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How We Met

We both had high school sweethearts that we dated for over 10 years. We met on Tinder, right when it came out (before it was trashy ha) we were both not seeing anyone. This was my senior year of college at Kent state University (Ohio). I was getting my early childhood education degree! Johnny was a fireman for Willoughby in Ohio (2014). He messaged me and actually spelled my name right. I spell my Kaity differently, and you would be surprised how many guys would spell it wrong right in front of their face. After weeks of talking we finally met. Our first time meeting, I drove an hour away to meet him only because it was his birthday and I felt bad. After that the rest is history! When I graduated I had the opportunity to have a job teaching first grade in Texas! Johnny had nothing to lose, and wanted to come with me so he did! We have now been living in Texas for over 2 years, we are going on our 3rd year! I wanted my ducks in order before getting married. I wanted a good healthy relationship that wasn’t rushed. I also wanted Johnny to get a new car and just be ahead on life before he went out and spent all this money on a ring! We both knew we were each others one.

Where to Propose in A waterfall at the Blue Hen Falls, Boston Township, Ohio

This past year 2017 we both became antsy but two of my best friends had gotten engaged. We both agreed we wanted our own time! I am a huge disney and animal lover. Johnny thought he had to propose at Disney world, or with another dog (we have 2) and neither was going to happen. I told him all I wanted was my family and friends to be there. I miss Ohio so much I would move back in a heartbeat. I can’t bring myself to move back without a job, so we are still here in Texas. I secretly found out he went and looked at rings so I told my best friend and little did I know she was in on it. Because of what I told her. He told me it wasn’t happening anytime soon. He just got his new truck so his credit score was lower than he wanted from that hit. All my friends kept asking and telling me Johnny hadn’t said a word about it. I was sad, but knew the right time would happen. He played it off like he had no idea how to ask me. Every Christmas and summer we go home to Ohio for about 2 weeks. We went home July 27th to August 12th of this year. This was the ideal place for it to happen but he said it wasn’t happening so I got over it and thought within the next year.

Kaity's Proposal in A waterfall at the Blue Hen Falls, Boston Township, Ohio

Marriage Proposal Ideas in A waterfall at the Blue Hen Falls, Boston Township, Ohio

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On August 5th, Johnny, my two best friends and their boyfriends and I were supposed to have a triple date at a winery in town. I was SOOOO excited to be with all my favorite people since that doesn’t happen often! The morning of Johnny left to go see his dad, told me not to come. (His family lives an hour north of my family). I went and got a pedicure that day, everything was normal. My best friend Shelly texted me that morning that they would drive us tonight! Our plans at the winery were at 6pm. My dad stopped into town for work and left at 3pm (divorced parents). My brother went to a wedding and my mom and sister went to dinner. I was home alone getting ready for our big date. When the time came to get ready Johnny said he was stuck in traffic…… I was so upset. After 30 minutes he told me traffic wasn’t moving, and in my head I’m like that’s not possible.

So I was like great he will just have to meet me there. (I pick out his outfits usually so that should have set me off, but I didn’t think anything of it!) Shelly comes to my house and picks just me up while I’m venting how he knew how important this date was and now he is going to be late. Shelly also just got engaged and kept telling me about this waterfall they took engagement pictures at. She had been talking about it all week. On our way to the winery my other best friend who was supposed to me us with her boyfriend said she’s running late, about an hour. I’m like that’s totally fine Johnny is going to be way late. Then Dave (Shelly’s Fiance goes well we have a little bit of time, I’m going to surprise you guys. I’m like hmm okay, I am down for whatever! Shelly plays along and goes, “Where?” Dave said the waterfall! So, I am like okay I have heard so much about it, if its close that’s great! We park the car start walking I ask how long it is, mind you I am in a dress that is not good for hiking! They said oh its not far but its soooo pretty!

Shelly grabbed this huge purse and I’m like why do you need that to go walk and look at the waterfall, she said she never leaves her purse in the car (another clue I should of realized). So we are walking, they are pointing everything out signs, trees, lord knows I am like okay guys cool! Then Shelly tells me don’t look over this ledge, its ruins how pretty the waterfall is. I listen when told, so I didn’t look (another clue). We walk down what looked like 100 feet, not of steps but tree roots to get down there! I was starting to get annoyed because this outfit was just not fit for this activity. Once I am finally down I turn and see a card with my name, a picture frame, and a rose. The card said, “Kaity from the moment I met you, I knew you were the one”. I looked farther to my right and saw Johnny standing infront of the waterfall with roses everywhere.

I thought oh my lord this is it! I couldn’t believe it! He made a trail with flowers and pictures but I already saw him so I went straight to him. Walking towards him I was saying “are you for real?” “I was so mad at you!” “You said you were in traffic!” “You were supposed to help me pick out my outfit for tonight!” (He helps me just as much as I help him :)

Then he took my hand, and said “look up, look who’s here.” I turned around looking up to see my mom, dad, and sister. I could not believe my eyes! Then he said, “Kaity I have always known it was you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” Then I think I starred for about 30 seconds (which felt like an hour) in disbelief, also amazed at how good he did on the ring!

I said “YES”, gave him a big kiss, and hug, then another hug. After about 5 minutes it started to really sink in and of course I’m crying and asking a million questions how he did all this without me knowing. He had everyone in on this proposal! My best friend helped him with everything (she took the pictures as well), then my other friends coordinated to text me to be late, another took me to get my nails done and everything. He fooled me sooooooo good, I truly had no Idea.

After we walked up from the waterfall. He said I have one more surprise! We did go to the winery but there were all our family and friends. His mom greeted me with balloons (I’m crying of course). ALL my best friends in the entire universe were there. I ugly cried so hard when I saw my college roomate who drove 4 hours from Cincinnati, just to be there. He Instagrammed or found a way to message every single one of them! (5 girls)

Everyone I loved was there to celebrate and every single one of them was in on it and helped pull it off. It took a whole village and no one slipped up! After it went on Facebook all our Texas friends and coworkers were texting me, they all knew as well! I still cant believe how he pulled it off! I am truly the luckiest girl in the entire world! :) I cant wait to marry him, nothing can ever top that moment!

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