Kaity and Dan

Where to Propose in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

After dating for over 5 years, Dan and I finally got to go on a vacation as a couple. With plans to just sit on the beach and read books for a week, I didn’t think life could get any better. However, Dan woke me up at 5am on our fourth day of vacation in Punta Cana and life got so much better. I was not happy with him making me get up so early while on vacation (I love to sleep) but he insisted we go watch the sunrise. So we walked to the beach and found perfect chairs under two palm trees to watch the sunrise. I wasn’t very nice to Dan on the walk… but once we sat Dan looked at me and asked “do you love me?” And I responded “Of course, do you love me?” As I turned to watch a runner run by. I turned back around and Dan was on one knee with my dream ring in his hand saying “Will you marry me?”. I immediately began sobbing, but somehow was able to squeak out another “Of course.” I spent the next 30 minutes sobbing in shock. I couldn’t believe I had been so rude that he woke me up early when he had planned out my dream proposal with my dream ring. It is so exciting to finally tell people I am marrying my best friend!

Proposal Ideas Punta Cana, Dominican Republic